Friday, January 25, 2008

Teething Asher

Asher and his two front teeth...isn't he the cutest!
He loves stuffed animals, especially this little bear. And of course I can't remember who gave it to him (actually it might have been a hand me down that the other boys never played with...oh my hurts)
Laughing at mommy and her hat... I was pushing it on top of my head so the flash could go off...he though this was so funny
Asher is teething again, his upper teeth I'm pretty sure. As you can see in this pic his two lower ones are coming in quite nicely. But when he wants to chew on my finger its pretty painful now...LOL His favorite teething item would be anything metal...yes...thats what happens to the third child, they grab what they can while mommy isn't looking. Absolute fav is mommy's keys. Today I found him chewing on the handles to his dresser in his room while I was putting away clothes. Crazy child. I guess it's cold and hard...but yuk!

He's such a cutie. I just love how he smiles at me. Can melt all the troubles of the day away. And his sweet little hug, ahh, just wonderful! As I'm sitting here writing this he's in his bouncy next to me talking away. He dropped his pacifier and looked at me and said "mama mama mama." Guess he does associate it with me! When daddy's on the phone a lot of the times he says "dadadadada". Yes, I know what your thinking, he's a genius....well of course. What else would you expect...LOL He's got to start talking to keep up with this family!

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