Friday, January 4, 2008

Baby it's COLD outside

Oh my gosh, the last two days the high has been in the 40's, quite different from our high 70's to 80's last week! As I was laying in bed last night freezing I told Sean I now know without a doubt I could not survive anywhere else but Florida...LOL And I miss running around outside with the boys. 'We only last for about 5 minutes when we run inside for hot chocolate (which is a really nice winter treat we usually don't have.) Don't get me wrong, I am loving the cold, I'm just glad that it's not like this all winter long. I love the cold weather clothes and jackets that we only get to wear a handful of times throughout the year. Boston keeps asking me why it doesn't snow where we live. I try to explain to him that its a lot warmer here. So yesterday I asked them if it was cold outside and they opened the front door and Boston came back in and said, "It's cold like the mountain house." We are hoping to make a trip up to the mountain house this month and I would like to take the kids to the ski lodge there to see snow. I did this 2 years ago when Dallas was a baby and Boston and I had the best time having a snow ball fight. It's a great memory and I hope that Dallas will be able to experience this same fun this year.
Boston and Dallas in the cute outfits my mom bought them for Christmas. I just love them!
Asher wasn't too sure of the cold. He didn't last long. It wouldn't have been bad but the fact that it was so windy made the wind chill in the 30's

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