Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Ya, Happy Halloween! For Halloween each year we go to our church's Fall Festival. It's probably one of the largest ones in the country, since we go to such a large church as it is. They have trick or treating, rides, games, bounce houses galore, and so much more. My kids just love it!

First here's some pics in our front yard before we headed to the festival:
Boston as Darth Vader, the only Star Wars he has seen is #1 with Jar Jar Binks in it. Darth Vader is still only a kid, but he still has this fascination with it. Originally he was going to be Bible Man. But they are no bible man outfits so I improvised and bought another outfit that looked like it, and my parents had already bought him the bible man mask and cape. But I had also found some great Halloween Costumes at a consignment shop just for fun at home. One of them was this Darth Vader costume...needless to say...he switched to the Dark Side!
I was even able to find a great Halloween Darth Vader bucket at Walmart for him that was only $2.
Dallas as Buzz Lightyear. He just LOVES Buzz and was sooo excited about being him. I managed to get him to wear the wings and hat for this picture (still wouldn't put on the boots). And honestly I'm lucky to have this pic, he didn't want me to take a picture of him. Isn't he just cute!Hanging out as Buzz...."Where's Zerg??"Asher my precious little clown! This was actually Boston's 2nd Halloween costume, but it just fit Asher so well with all his crazy curls! I should post a picture of Boston in his as well!
With his hat on! Every year we take a family picture here at the fall festival, or I should say we "attempt" to. Usually someone doesn't want to take it. Last year it was Boston, this year it's Dallas. Oh well, at least we are all in it!
Boston playing the ring toss
Dallas was great at this shooting game Dallas as Buzz found Roddy as Woddy. "Hey Woody!! Nice outfit!"
Asher hanging out on daddy's sholders
Boston and Dallas going down the bounce slide. I can't tell you how many times they did it. And then they spend some more time at two other bounce slides. I think it was probably their favorite thing there! Only wish I had one of these for our backyard!Mommy taking Asher down the slide. Asher was having a fit on the sidelines watching Boston and Dallas so I finally took him on it and we went several times. He LOVED it!
Mommy and Asher, the cutest clown there!
Um...a train...yes of course we have to ride it. I think they can smell a train a mile away!

What a fun night we had. We headed home, stopped by McDonalds drive thru. Then came home and went to our neighbors Tico and Gabi to trick or treat. Then Sean took Dallas and Asher home and Boston and I went to several other neighbors. He said to me as we were walking, "Mom it's just you and me now!" It was very cute and I really enjoyed this time alone with him. He sure loved to trick or treat.
When we got home the boys went through all their candy and got a baggy to fill with what candy they wanted to keep and they left the rest in the buckets at the front door for The Great Pumpkin to come and take and bring them a present.

Boston's School Halloween Party

Boston's teacher was dressed as one of the three blind mice. Two of the other Kindergarten teachers were the other mice and they also had the farmer and the farmers wife as two other teachers. Boston had his school Halloween party today and I got to go help out. First they had a costume parade and all the parents came and all the Kindergartners got to walk through all the classrooms and school in their costumes. It was quite a sight! They were all so cute!!
Then I hung around and got to have lunch with my little buddy. And then each Kindergarten class rotated around to another class to do craft projects. I stayed in Boston's class to assist all the other students coming in with our spider craft. Then when he got back to class we had a Halloween party with lots of food and they got to watch the Garfield Halloween movie. He had such a great time and I'm so happy with his class and his teacher. What a great experience this school year has been for him and what a fun time we had today!
After school I thought I might try and early vote today with Boston (since I didn't have the other two with me) But when we drove into the early voting place the line was CRAZY long and my neighbor had said she waited there 3 1/2 hours. So I decided that probably wasn't a good idea today. I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to find time at all to vote!! And I've got to get out there and support McCain/Palin!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mommys pumpkin patch

We have several pumpkins at our house, and several fake ones. And sometimes its just easier to try and get good shots of them at home. So after a frustrating time getting some shots at the pumpkin patch I tried again at home.

I love this picture of him

That laugh is infectious

Boston loves to pose for me
Ah...and his laugh too!!
Gotta love that smile

Pumpkin Patch

I realized today that we had still not been to a pumpkin patch all together. So after I picked up Boston from school we headed to the one they have at Dallas' school. Of course trying to get all three together for a nice pumpkin patch photo was wishful thinking...and not much as I tried! Oh well. At least I got one shot that they are all in together (who cares if they are smiling or even looking at the camera...LOL)

Asher loved the pumpkins
Dallas running all over the place, avoiding the camera

Boston being silly
"What are you doing Boston" says Asher

Photo opp with all 3 of my little indians

Cute little one...just LOVE those overalls!


This morning was Dallas and Boston's dentist cleaning appt. We changed dentists this time. Boston had been to Dr Goldstein for 3 visits and I just have never been impressed with him and I've hard rave reviews of Dr Mike so after waiting months we are in! Boston did great. The last time we went he freaked out (first two no problem) Today he started to but then calmed down and acted like a big boy. In the meantime I was trying to calm Dallas down enough so the guy could get his stuff done. He cried through all of it but at least settled down after he started enough so he could get his cleaning. Dallas even commented after he started that it didn't hurt, but the crying still didn't stop. As soon as he was done he was up and smiling and showing everyone his "pretty teeth." (And Mommy was exhausted!) The dentist said they each has this off bite that will get corrected with no problem when they are a few years older. Ya. No cavitites and a thumbs up!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dallas School Halloween Party

Today Dallas had a Halloween Party at his school and I came and stayed the whole time. He was so cute. I was standing outside the classroom waiting for everyone to get there and saw him walk over to his teacher and hug her and say, "I love you Mrs Sheff" What a sweet heart he can be. The kids enjoyed some fun crafts and food. The teacher told me the wrong day to dress him up so he was dressed up as Buzz Lightyear today, and will be again on Friday for the school trick or treating...LOL

Craft time!

Food time!
Circle time!
Monster Hands we made to give to all his classmates

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dallas' MRI

Today I took Dallas to get his MRI that Dr Kojic ordered. Honestly I really am just following through with her orders but I'm not expecting much out of it. And I've been so back and forth on it because he has to be put down under anesthesia so that makes me very nervous. But I dropped Boston off at school, then Asher off at my parents and then Dallas gave me a complete fit when I told him he had to go with me and couldn't stay at Nena's house. It was horrible. Kicking, screaming, hitting me, you would have thought he was like 2 years old throwing a tantrum...not almost 4. Anyhow...I finally got him in his seat, he calmed down, and then apologized to me. Ugh....emotional roller coaster for mommy because its like this all day long everyday with him.

So we get to the hospital and things went pretty smoothly. We went into our own pediatric waiting room with all kinds of things to play with and tv on Disney channel. He had a blast in this room. Then they came and took him away (after us waiting about 1 1/2 hours between two waiting rooms) I went with him and following him as he chatted it up with the anesthesiologist, happily walking down the hall. Then they sat him on a stretcher and put a mask on his face asking him to smell the bubble gum smell and then he freaked out trying to get it off, but about 10 seconds later he was out. That was the HARDEST thing to watch. Just horrible. Ugh. I walked out into the waiting room alone wondering if I had chosen to do the right thing.

I had to them head to another waiting room, grabbed some food, tried to keep my mind busy with other things and waited. The nurse came out to tell me he was awake, and VERY irritated with everyone and she would bring me back very shortly. It was only a few minutes later they were whisking me back and there he was, crying and upset. So I tried to calm him down, sign the paperwork and get out of there. He was more concerned with the bandages from the iv then anything.

They told me he would be more irritated than normal but that was an underestimate. We got home and watched a movie together and my mom offered to keep the other two for a little while, which really helped. Then after a few hours he was running around, smiling and happy. What a relief...and what a day! I cancelled the EEG we had scheduled for tomorrow because I didn't think he or I could handle that this soon!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Vaccinations and Jenny's Book

So I had heard how great Jenny McCarthy's book Louder Than Words is but never really thought I would read it because really how could I relate to it. And not that I have an "autistic non functioning" child, but even if you have a child with slight sensory issues, or even ADHD, you look for anything that might be affecting him. Be it diet, supplements, therapy or whatever. And I have to say I really enjoyed her book and seriously would recommend it to ANYONE. I think everyone in our country needs to be aware that the medical field isn't helping. For the most part they are more interested in making money I feel on vaccinations (and this isn't really what the book says, just my opinion) I don't necessarily believe that it's all the vaccinations that are causing the problems but you can't deny a connection when the numbers greatly increased at the same time that they added a lot more vaccinations to the poor children. And what is frustrating is that the news is so unbelievably biased! They have doctors on that say there is no connection but don't have the other side on most of the time. (Here book isn't all about vaccinations - more about how she HEALED her child of Autism. And this is why it's an important show parents that there children don't have to be medicated for the problem, they need to find what the child's issue is and fix that. And ADHD child doesn't have to be medicated as long as you change a few things then you can probably SOLVE the problem.)

1 in 94 boys is diagnosed on the autistic spectrum (this includes Autism, ADHD, Sensory issues and Aspergers.) Those numbers are amazing! And how many AREN'T diagnosed??? What is it going to take for the medical field to open there eyes to the fact that there IS something going one. What is it? It's not a genetic epidemic and most of these kids are for the most part developing normally (with some eccentricities) until a certain age. If kids were dying it would be a different story, but they are sometimes just labeled "the problem child" or "he just has ADHD" or "he's just a little different." When they don't stand out then people don't SEE it. But the parents do, they know that something is different. The medical field passes it off as and acceptable casualty.

There are toxins in the vaccines. That is a fact. And the vaccines can be made safe. And they can be given on a better schedule. But when money is involved and those people aren't affected they don't really care. The parents of these children can foot the vaccine-damaged child's bill.

I think vaccinations are a good thing when they are safe. We don't want polio coming back. But we also need to face the fact that something is going on. We shouldn't have this many children with this many problems.

Sorry to get on my soap box today but I just had to get it out there. If more people are more vocal about it then maybe they will wake up and listen to us. Of course my doctor fought me when I stopped vaccinationing Asher at 9 months. He made me sign a waiver making me feel like a horrible parent. But I had prayed and sought wisdom regarding it and God gave me much peace with it. And now I'm so glad I did that. I will vaccinate him, but on MY time, and the way I want it done.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dallas blood test

I finally got through to the doctor and the insurance company to let us test Dallas for Delayed Food Sensitivity (also called an IgG test.) My doctor also wanted to have him tested for Celiac (allergic to Gluten) disease. I really don't think he has Celiac but whatever. To be honest I feel like the doctor has no idea what he's talking about these days. It's so true that you have be be your child's own doctor. I honestly believe I know more about these subjects than he does because he doesn't deal with it everyday. But I digress...

Today I took him to have these blood tests run and also the blood tests the behavioral specialist ordered. Originally it was suggested that I have the blood drawn during the MRI when he is put under. But when I got these last two scripts I wasn't sure if they would include them and so I needed to go to the Lab to have them done. I figured, well, why not just knock them all out now. I was very nervous, with Dallas mood changing at the drop a dime and his tantrums that are out of control, I thought there is just no way he's going to give blood. But I prayed all morning. I prayed specifically for the lab specialist who would do it, for Dallas to be brave and strong, and for it to not hurt him. And it went BEAUTIFULLY!!! He did amazing!! He sat in my lap and laughed all the way up until she put the needle in. He never screamed, just had a few tears running down his checks. He talked to me and I told him stories and he didn't ever jerk away. She drew 6 VILES of blood!!! So right afterward he got M&Ms and I took him to ChickFilA for his favorite biscuit and to play on the playground.

I'm so proud of him today. I couldn't imagine a more brave little soldier than Dallas today. And I thank God for making it a good experience!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beginning Biology of Behavior

I saw Dianne Craft speak at the homeschooling conference (probably God's meaning behind me going even though He didn't have us homeschool.) She wowed me with her talks on the biology of behavior and how getting the gut healthy can actually change your behavior, especially in your kids. Dallas had all the symptoms of having a very off gut from infant on. I've known for sometime we needed to all do the supplements but its not easy getting him to take things, especially with his picky eating. But after listening to the cds again while driving to the mountains I was convinced it HAS to be something we do. So today I started everyone taking the Acidophilus. We all take it 3 times a day and will continue for 3 months. It has no taste so I just opened up the capsule and put it in a small glass of water and he drank it right down. It was amazing. I have tried putting it in foods and such but he never eats it. He loves water so I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. At least I've found a way to get it in his body! Next week we will add another supplement. Check out Dianne Craft at If you are interested I can give you more info and copies of her seminars we went to.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Update on Dallas

So I've had a lot of questions about Dallas. First off-he's the same kid he's always been. And he acts pretty much no different than other kids when you meet him, but there are a few things he does that stand out to Sean and I because we are with him all the time. And when you compare those behavioral things to his brothers it's a little different. Nothing horrific, nothing devastating, nothing not fixable. But if it does end up being Sensory Integration Disorder or Aspergers Syndrome, then it's something we can work with and he won't have a problem when he gets older. I would help us to parent him better and understand what he's thinking. It's one of those things that most people would never notice at this point and some people may even think I'm crazy for pointing it out or seeking help because he just doesn't seem any different. But I figure, why not know for sure. Then if nothing is wrong, then I know I must have the most defiant child on the face of this earth. LOL But if there is, then we can seek Occupational Therapy early on and no one will ever know. We can change his diet if he's allergic to wheat or something and it would explain the diarrhea and upset stomachs and the picky eating. And yes these "titles" are all in the Autistic Spectrum but it doesn't mean in any way he's Autistic. ADHD is also in the autistic spectrum. It just means there's a behavioral abnormality and that there are things to correct it. And I feel its important to talk about it because its not discussed enough. 1 in 150 children are in the Autistic Spectrum and I think parents should be educated on it more so that they can help their children out, whether it be diet or therapy. I don't think it means the children are "weird" or that they should be ashamed. The more people talk about it the more children benefit. So that's why I'm talking and keeping you posted on our journey to discovery. Maybe I can help another parent out there that is wondering why it's so difficult to parent this child but not the others.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Medical stuff

I spent a lot of today talking with the insurance company trying to figure out what tests they will pay for with all the tests the behavioral specialist wants run. I was so relieved to find out that everything is paid at 100%. Boy God is good!!! We sure needed that. So I have all the appointments set and we are on the right path!

I also was bummed today to find out the Delayed Food Sensitivity Test I wanted to have done by Sage Medical Labs isn't covered by my insurance and it's $2200 out of pocket so I've got to find another way to have it done. They said a lab here can do another version of the test so now I've just go to get approval from the doctor. Boy all this is like having a part time job!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We drove home today from the mountain and back to "real" life. The boys did great in the car as well as Dillard. It took us 8 hours 30 minutes with a lunch stop at McDonalds for the kids to play on the playground. We sure had a great time up there and can't wait to go back again soon. But it's also nice to be back home.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 3

Today we were ready for more adventure. First stop the train museum. The is my kids favorite thing to do when they come to the mountain house. They named the train Foxfire and they just love going to see if. It's literally right down the street.

If it hadn't been for Jess yelling "look Barrett's pooping" Dallas never would have looked. Thanks Jess...LOLThen it was off on our hunt for more waterfalls. The ride to the waterfalls was amazing. The leaves going up the mountain were just wonderful and colorful! This is what I love about coming up here this time of year. We pulled over and took some silly pics while leaving all the kids in the car. LOL

Our first waterfall had a hike to it...well to say hike really doesn't give it justice. We saw a sign pointing right saying "More Difficult" so we decided we needed to take the other route. AFTER the hike we then saw that the sign pointing left said, "MOST difficult!" And that pretty much describes it. On the way down Sean was carrying a sleeping Asher to make it even more adventuresome. I carried Asher all the way back up the hike. But the kids just LOVED it. All the roots sticking up out of the ground, the steep up and down and twists. It was so funny. I think everyone that passed us thought we were crazy with all 6 of our kids. But we had a blast. And thank goodness Jess brought a snack and we rested at the beautiful waterfall before making our descent BACK UP. I somehow ended up far ahead of everyone with 5 of the kids. Everyone that passed me asked, "are they ALL yours???"

Then we had lunch in Highlands, a cute little town we always enjoy going to. Then back on the road for more waterfalls. First we drove by Bridal Falls and then got to the one we were all looking forward to, Dry Falls. When we got there the parking lot was closed and everything roped off, but that wasn't stopping us! We climbing over, lifting each kid and headed down. This is a fun waterfall because you can walk behind it. The kids just loved it, well Dallas and Asher weren't too thrilled but did go behind for a little bit.

On our way home we stopped at the Farm Zoo at the Dillard House and petted all the farm animals. Of course the kids loved it.

Then back to the house for a bonfire and smores! (We sure do know how to pack in a day right?!?!)

This morning before we left Boston said to me..."Mom my tooth came out!" And sure enough, while he was sitting there he must have just wiggled it out. It's been lose new for a few weeks and I got to work working hard on this great tooth shaped tooth fairy pillow with his name embroidered on it. Sure enough, it happened while we are gone so I'll have to use that next time. He was so excited it had finally fallen out. He's been looking forward to this for weeks. I'll never forget him coming to me with the biggest smile that his tooth was LOOSE. So Bonnie and Boston were both missing their bottom teeth and it made for a cute photo.

And instead of Christmas two front teeth, Boston and the Jack O Lantern can look alike!