Friday, February 17, 2012

The me after kids

I used to be a perfectionist.  I used to be super organized.   I used to label everything.

Then I became a parent and I learned that there just isn't always time to be those three things.  There's nothing like becoming a parent to rock your organized, controlled, perfectionist world.  Sometimes my perfectionism wants to come out and play but then it soon realizes that the play ground is not as accepting of her.

On our wedding day I had a timeline that was passed out to everyone involved in the wedding that had down to the minute exactly where and what everyone should be doing from that morning until that evening.  It was quite extensive and detailed.  Now having photographed so many weddings I look back at my old self and have to laugh.  Being in control of each situation and knowing what the schedule was was super important to me.  Now I find myself very comfortable without a schedule sometimes..  That way I don't have to deal with the let down of running "off" schedule and I'm much more spontaneous.  

My closet is still color coordinated and my boys drawers have labels on them (well they did before we moved and I do need to print out new ones.) So I still have order in my life.  But kids have well rounded me.  I think they have a way of doing that.  I would think someone who is very messy and unorganized would learn that they cannot live like that either.  There has to be a happy medium.

And for me personally there's nothing like kids to point out your bad habits (those will be the ones they pick up one first.)  God has a special way of making us better through our kids.

So those sweet little angels aren't just good for early morning snuggles, wet kisses and precious smiles to light up your day.  They make you a better person and for me they bring me much closer to God on a daily basis.  Even if I'm not sitting down doing a devotional and devoting a chunk of time to read the bible and pray....  I talk to Him all day and He does LIFE with me!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Handsome Dressing Dallas

Dallas is very interested in how he looks.  He always has his polo buttoned up with shirt tucked in and belt just right.  His hair is always combed perfectly and everything nice and neat.  I never have to worry about him getting dressed for school.  When most boys aren't even sure if their shirt is inside out or backwards Dallas has a keen eye for fashion.  
A few weeks ago he came home from church talking incessantly about another boy in his Sunday school class that was dressed so handsome that he just had to have the outfit.  He asked the boy where he got it and he said I needed to go to  Of course that website doesn't exist but today we went on a search online for exactly what he was looking for.  I had seen a blue dress shirt and tie and bought it for him today at the store (his favorite color is blue so I thought I had hit the jack pot).  But he was disappointed because the shirt wasn't black.  I was then informed that he would need a black dress shirt, black tie, black pants and very nice black shoes.  Never in my life did I think one of my  boys would actually WANT to dress like this.  When most mothers are bribing their children to get into something like this for a wedding or special occasion mine wants it for everyday.  And everyday is exactly what he means.  I asked him when he would wear something like this, to church?  He replied very matter-of-factly , "Well... every day mom."  I looked at him with a smile and gave him a big hug and said, "I love you so much Dallas.  You are oh so special!"  
The picture below got him so excited!  He said, "That's it mom!!!  Have them send it to us!!"  Of course it's a boys Perris Ellis suit, my boy has good taste he does.  
His wife is going to love his fashion sense.  I know I do.  When in doubt of an outfit I always ask Dallas and he's sure to tell me exactly what he thinks of it while Boston and Asher look at me like I have three heads.  
I love my sweet, fashion forward Dallas!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day 2012

Happy Valentine's Day from my crew to yours.  Today Dallas is the only one that was well enough to get to go to school and party with all the other valentine's.  Boston came home from school yesterday with a fever and then started throwing up.  Oh boy.   I hope this isn't another illness we are all getting ready to share.  

So these are the valentine's we did this year.  I have been excited about making these since Pinterest first came out and I pinned them.  Now most people might put a lollipop in there's but since my boys go to a school where no sugar is allowed (yah!) we did pencils.  

Monday, February 13, 2012

The flu hits the Whitman house again

As I'm writing this my two littlest kiddos are sleeping away their flu symptoms while I'm nursing my cough and raspy voice (think Phoebe from Friends).  As much as I hate the flu shot I am seriously thinking about getting it next year after having battled the flu TWICE this season.  It's really getting old.  Hummm....might be something to do with my going 100 mph without looking back all the time.  Maybe this is God's way of slowing me down a bit.  I have to admit I have enjoyed all the cuddling I've gotten with Asher and Sydney over the last few days.  And I do appreciate how wonderful it is to be able to breath out of my nose!

My sweet little princess birthday was Saturday but since she was so sick we did not do anything.  We didn't want to expose anyone else.  We gave her this sweet little doll baby (called the Zippity Princess made by Goldberger that teaches them how to snap, zip, button, etc) and we will just have to celebrate in a big way when she is feeling better.  (And I'll do a little 2 year old photo session with her later.)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Italian Wedding

What a truly amazing wedding this was to shoot.  Taking place at EPCOT at the Italy pavilion with beautiful weather and a super cute couple this was bound to a special wedding.  The ceremony itself was very unique because the song she walked down the aisle to was written and played by the groom himself.  The ceremony was intermixed with lots of personal stories and vows that were as unique as this couple was.  


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Starting off 2012 with a BIG MOVE!

It's a new year and it's about time I dust off the blog and get back to it! The end of last year went by with with hurricane speed and in the midst I did more weddings and portrait sessions than I can count, had a bday party for my now 7 year old, celebrated Christmas and moved our family of 6 after 9 1/2 years in our sweet little home. It was mind blowing all that went on and I'm so glad to have made it to January! It's like the storm faded and I've picked up all the debris and life is calm (well as much calm as it can be with 4 little ones) and orderly.

About our was done after much, much, much prayer. Honestly I never thought we would move from our little ole house. As small and cramped as it was, it was home. We closed on that house the same week we found out I was pregnant with Boston. We brought 4 children home in that house. We celebrated many birthdays and holidays there. The kids moved from room to room as we added and added and added. There are dents in the walls from all the playing, artists left their drawings behind on the hallway walls and the memories flood each room.

But it was time.

God worked quickly and easily and it was very evident He had His hand on the whole thing. And now, even though we haven't been in our new house long at all it already feels like HOME! Home with MUCH MUCH MUCH more space. There is a place for everything and everything is in it's place. I LOVE it! I sooooo love it. (And the 3 minutes drive to school is way better than the old 20 min one!)

2012 is shaping up to be new and exciting!