Friday, February 17, 2012

The me after kids

I used to be a perfectionist.  I used to be super organized.   I used to label everything.

Then I became a parent and I learned that there just isn't always time to be those three things.  There's nothing like becoming a parent to rock your organized, controlled, perfectionist world.  Sometimes my perfectionism wants to come out and play but then it soon realizes that the play ground is not as accepting of her.

On our wedding day I had a timeline that was passed out to everyone involved in the wedding that had down to the minute exactly where and what everyone should be doing from that morning until that evening.  It was quite extensive and detailed.  Now having photographed so many weddings I look back at my old self and have to laugh.  Being in control of each situation and knowing what the schedule was was super important to me.  Now I find myself very comfortable without a schedule sometimes..  That way I don't have to deal with the let down of running "off" schedule and I'm much more spontaneous.  

My closet is still color coordinated and my boys drawers have labels on them (well they did before we moved and I do need to print out new ones.) So I still have order in my life.  But kids have well rounded me.  I think they have a way of doing that.  I would think someone who is very messy and unorganized would learn that they cannot live like that either.  There has to be a happy medium.

And for me personally there's nothing like kids to point out your bad habits (those will be the ones they pick up one first.)  God has a special way of making us better through our kids.

So those sweet little angels aren't just good for early morning snuggles, wet kisses and precious smiles to light up your day.  They make you a better person and for me they bring me much closer to God on a daily basis.  Even if I'm not sitting down doing a devotional and devoting a chunk of time to read the bible and pray....  I talk to Him all day and He does LIFE with me!


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