Saturday, January 20, 2007

Magic Kingdom weekends

We have been going to Magic Kingdom every weekend lately. The boys just love it so much and the weather has been perfect. And no crowds this time of year. We like to part at the Contemporary hotel (making out short cut through the employee lot for Disney). We've gotten to know the guard at the gate now who's name if Paul. He thinks I'm a saint for having 2 boys and chancing it for a third. He's always the sweetest. And he lets us park there because it's the slow season.

The boys just love Magic Kingdom. They love riding the monorail, people mover, Small World, the Train, rollercoaster now and just seeing all the sites. Sean always gets us all a tollhouse cookie at the bakery...he just loves that part. And we love to eat at the hot dog place right at the end of mainstreet and sit inside on the bleachers and watch the old disney cartoons, or sit outside where the ducks come right up to you. We are so blessed to live so close and even more blessed that my parents by us annual passes!!!! Orlando is awesome.

Riding the monorail over to Magic Kingdom (pregnant mommy)

On the train
Watching and admiring Thunder Mtn (which Boston has road 3 times already in the past!)
Riding in the drivers cabin of the monorail...a favorite!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


The boys love bathtime together. They also love to lay down in the bath and get their hair and faces in the water. I had to snap a few shots of them having a ball.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dallas' 1st Rollercoaster ride

Dallas rode his first rollercoaster at Disney's Magic Kingdom Toon Town. It's a kiddie rollercoaster that looks like an airplane. Boston didn't want to go at first, although he's road it many time with me before. But he finally changed his mind but had to ride with one of the workers since I couldn't ride because I'm pregnant. Dallas got a little scared during it but loved it! He talked about it all day long!
Waiting in line
Boston's riding companion
Dallas a little nervous before take off

Monday, January 1, 2007

Being a mommy

Being a mommy is the most amazingly wonderful job I've ever done. On the other hand it's also the hardest. It's a 24 hour job where your brain never stops thinking about everything that needs to be done. I'm working on stopping to "smell the roses" more and more and I'm finding it so rewarding. I think in my mind I just thought the boys would also be my little toddlers but as Boston gets bigger and more grown up each day, I am beginning to appriciate these times more than I used to. Because raising two toddler boys while your are pregnant is no piece of cake. But I now cherish everyday that I get to play with them. It won't be long before they are in school most of the day and want to play with their friends more than they do me. But for now I'm the coolest person to play with (other than daddy that is.) I can build a train that rivals most others, make a tent out of sheets and read books inside, paint with finger paint, hit a t-ball farther than them, play hide and go seek for hours, and be the biggest monster chasing them. I think my years of theatre training is finally going to some good use. Being able to do several different voices in a story is very exciting to a toddler. "Mommy you are so funny!" And that's the greatest thing. I, the person who I thought was NEVER funny, am the best stand up comedian on earth. And that is the greatest thrill! To have your kids laugh at you is just inspiring. And to hear them say "Mommy I love you" will make the worst day smell like a rose! Having kids of your own is the greatest experience on earth. There truely is nothing like it and God has blessed me with kids that inspire, motivate and love me like none other. (1st blog, originally posted on 1/16/07)