Thursday, November 29, 2007

Eating with Asher

While feeding Asher some fresh mango today he grabbed the spoon in an attempt to feed himself and in the process he splattered food all over me and him. Immediatly he started laughing so hard, which made me laugh. We both had it all over our faces. The camera was sitting right there so I grabbed these shots. He was pretty impressed with his "skills" as daddy would say. What a cutie!!

Asher's variety of foods is growing fastly. His favorite food so far is prunes, mango and avacado. Funny right? He also eats sweet potatoe, pears, apples, carrots, squash and recently banana. His least favorite would be carrots, but really he's a very good eater. And I do love making all his baby food.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gifts from Aunt Margie

It's always exciting when we go to the mailbox and there's a key in our mailbox to open the BIG mailbox, which usually means there's a gift! And this time it was from Aunt Margie!! And she always thinks to send something for all the boys, never to leave out anyone. So Dallas got a Silver Coin with his birth year on it, both boys got Thomas shirts and flying airplanes and the best of all was the Train Snow Globe! Somehow, even at 82 years old, she always sends the PERFECT gift. Thank you so much Aunt Margie!!!!!!!

Outside lights

I finished most of the lights outside today. I'll have to take a picture and post it on here. Ya! They are all working! I just LOVE Christmas lights! Tree-check, outside big thing is all my nutcrackers that Boston's been asking for everyday. Maybe tomorrow.

Christmas Cookies

After lunch we made some cookies with our new train cookie cutters. What a hit! Of course anything train is a hit in our house. I had also gotten each of them their own roller a few months ago for $1 each at target, what a deal. Especially since my old wooden roller is on it's last leg. I had also found cookie sprinkles for $1 at target in the shapes of candy cane, snowflakes and holly berry. What fun! Here's to the beginning of Christmas cookies!!!

Cookie dough - the key to my soul

My mom and I, me eating icing...sweet tooth started early!

After having Dallas have about his 10th HUGE temper tantrum today (and finally have peace in the house since he was asleep, Boston was in school and Asher was also asleep) I decided to make homemade Toolhouse cookies. And the "real" reason for making them wasn't to cook them....but to eat the dough. That's all I wanted. I just knew if I could have that, the whole world would feel so much happier. And yes, it was true. And yes, I am an emotional eater. I think takes me back to my childhood and my mom making these for me and getting to lick the beaters and bowl. Happy childhood times. Makes me think of the movie Ratatoulle. Yummy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 4-Christmas spirit has ARRIVED!

Yes! I finally feel a little like Christmas. The boys and I were singing Christmas carols as we finished hanging ornaments (we had run out of hooks the other night). We added the bows and the ribbon and had such a great time!

Monday, November 26, 2007

One of those days

Ugh, today was just one of those days. One of those days I should have just crawled back into bed and adjusted my additude because I knew I was going to be faced with a load of brick walls. And I had two staring at me at 5am (well technically Dallas was the one who awoke at 5am...Boston followed behind at 6am...details, details.) I think, mainly, the problem today might have just been my hormones, but the kids, nevertheless, were acting horribly. I'm just glad this day is over and behind me. I was just so tense, short and stressed (over what?, clutter, Christmas decorations, organization, piles of paperwork staring at me, a mile long to do list.) I just couldn't take it today. Today was one of those days that I should have just been alone, but, alais, I had no choice. I had three children to tend to. We made it threw though. Everyone is still alive and I'm actually looking forward to a better day tomorrow. Sean helped me clean up the house, get the mounds of laundry going, dishes done and a new perspective on life. So I'm looking forward to what tomorrow has in store, and tell the kids I will call Santa back and tell him to give them another chance :-) (Yes, I did fall into the whole "I'm going to call Santa and tell him how bad you've been and he won't bring you any presents.") That's horrible isn't it? I can't believe that clique even came out of my mouth. And as it's coming out I couldn't stop it, and then, mortified that I said it, I stood firm, as their little sad, scared faces looked back at me. It was the first time I felt they actually took me serious today. Maybe I should bring Santa in on all our conversations! LOL Anyhow...they did go to bed with lots of love and kisses, don't get me wrong. I'm not a horrible, mean mom. And tomorrow we will have enought fun to make up for any not so fun we had today.

But we did have SOME fun today! We took the car into the dealership and the kids got to run around in the lobby (yes, this was fun to them) Then we went to Walmart and they looked at all the Christmas decorations and even watched the rollercoaster game go up and down (TONS OF FUN). Boston went back to school and we greated with a very loud group of friends with "BOSTON'S HERE!!!!" He's a popular little boy. Then as we were playing in the front yard after school our neighbors, the Stitlers, came by and we joined them at the neighborhood playground, where lots of fun was to be had. Here's to a fun day tomorrow!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day 2 of getting in the Christmas Spirit

So tonight, after a long day with the kids....and was a LONG day. (I think it might have something to do with the fact that Sean and I are breaking into colds and not feeling so good....the kids can sense the "weakness" and gang up on us.) Anyhow...I thought I might try and put the Christmas tree up in an attempt to get them doing something other than chasing each other around the house very loudly. We had 1 hour until bedtime, they were half clothed, but I gave it my best shot. They of course had a ball. "Ya, the Christmas tree!!!" We did have a fun time assembling it (We always bought real trees until Dallas' first Christmas and Boston was 20 months old...thought we might hold off for a little while.) Boston said, "Thank you mommy for all the beautiful colored lights...they are my FAVORITE." When we were putting up lights outside yesterday he wanted so badly to put the multi-colored lights outside, but they were indoor lights and I didn't have any outdoor multi colored lights. And for some reason that was all he wanted. So he was thrilled when our Christmas tree was adorned with multi colored lights! As I'm still working on the tree Boston runs to the garage, "I know where they are mommy! I'll get them." I'm thinking, "you know where WHAT is." And in he walked with the bin of generic ornaments (I bought these on Dallas' first Christmas as well. Boston was getting older and I knew I would be distracted with a new born baby so I bought these unbreakable ornaments to hang instead of my cherished ones, just in case of breakage.) He was so proud of himself. So they hung all of those and then I went and got all the Disney ones and they had a great time hanging those. It was funny to see how they new a lot more of the characters on the ornaments this year. They were especially excited to find two Peter Pan ones and each got to hang one. Maybe tomorrow I'll find the energy to bring out all our family ornaments. But for tonight, they had a great time and we accomplished one more Christmas thing!

Looking at all the ornaments. Asher in the background..."Oh I want to touch those so bad!"

"Wow, they are so colorful!"

When I went to the garage to find the star to put on top Boston was so excited. He said, "Thank you so much for finding our star mommy! It's just so beautiful." And it makes all the disobeying of the entire day just melt away....that's what it's all about. Sean had a horrible headache and feel asleep on the couch in the middle of all of it
Notice how all of the ornaments are hanging near the the morning it probably won't be that way anymore. (Perfectionist in me)

The boys wanted me to take a picture of them in front of the tree, half dressed an all. Of course they could care less. They were just so cute and proud of their tree!

I also brought out a few other Christmas items along with The Boys Christmas Box (I put all their christmas toys, books and nativity set in here.) The hit was the Fisher Price nativity set, which we bought last year but they never really fully understood. Boston was really into it this year. I read him the story and he acted it out with all the characters. It was so much fun to watch him get it and understand. As he was unpacking it he yelled to me, "Look mommy, it's baby Jesus!" Some other hit items were gifts from Aunt Margie. Of course she always knows the perfect gifts to send the boys. They were especially intreged with last years toy Santa the moves and tells "The Night Before Christmas" story. It's about 10 minutes long and they would sit there, in a trance, watching Santa tell them the story. Dallas even stayed longer and gave Santa a hug and kiss for the story.

My freshman year in college my roommate Michelle and I bought some Christmas crafts to do to decorate our tree. I still had one kit left over that we never used and Boston found it. It was a kit to make these ornaments you had in the window as sun catchers. He had a great time painting them today.

Asher new food: Carrots

Today he tried carrots at dinner and loved them. I mixed them into rice cereal with a little formula milk. That's when those free formula cans come in handy since I don't actually ever use them for milk.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Decorating

While Dallas and Asher were taking a nap Sean, Boston and I got all the Christmas decorations down from the attic. I honestly didn't really "feel" like getting them all out. I didn't have the energy that I usually do, the excitement and atticipation of holiday events. I really felt tired for the most part. But I knew this was the best time to get it down and then I could put it all out later. For some reason the thought of putting it all up this year just isn't as exciting. All I can think about was how much work it was putting it all away last year (of course I was pregnant last year.) Maybe it's the fact that Sean and I are both not feeling so good. Combination of Dallas' flu-like bug and Asher's cold, we both just don't feel up to par. I do hope the Christmas Spirit comes to me soon and I and find the energy to get up and put the red and green everywere.

Afterward we decided to take it easy and have family movie night. I had picked up Ratatoulle at the store. What a great movie! This was our first time watching it and we all enjoyed it. I think it might just be my favorite cartoon movie so far. Great!

Neighborhood Camp

Austin, JT and Boston
Treasure Hunt
Coloring contest
Soccer race
The neighbor girls Catilyn, Lauren and Abby wanted to have a camp for the other neighborhood kids (which happen to all be boys between the ages of 2 and 5!) It was so funny to watch the girls, all organized with games, prizes, wristbands, and even snacks. So typical of girls. I know our boys would probably never do that! (I remember as a young girl putting on plays with my best friend Amy.) The boys all had a GREAT TIME. Lots of running, chasing and such. They had a coloring contest, soccer race, treasure hunt, nature hike and more. Dallas won the nature hike and Boston won the coloring contest. Before we went over I went over winning and losing again with the boys, since Boston cries sometimes when he loses. I'm trying to teach them to be good sports. They listened so well to the girls, I think better than they do sometimes with their parents! At one moment Abby was tired and had to keep up with the boys and commented, "this must be what it's like to be a mommy!" You have no idea Abby!

Thanks again girls for a great time!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Johnny's back in town

Sean's cousin Johnny was down to visit and we got to have a pizza party tonight at Aunt Nancy's. It was really great to see him again, since we only get to see him a few times a year. The boys had a great time getting to play with their cousin Ellie, who is almost 2. She sure kept up with them, running all around, with so much energy to expel. Sean couldn't believe that a girl could be as loud as our boys! Asher loved all the attention he recieved from everyone.
Johnny with Asher

Ellie and Boston building a lego tower

They sure loved playing together
Ellie loved Asher, and he sure loved her. Aunt Nancy was holding them.Chad, Ellie, Dallas and Lauren

Funniest moment of the night: (I just wish I had a picture) Uncle Larry went outside on the porch to get away from all the craziness of the kids and the kids found him! We all look out, and on the porch are the three little ones running around Larry tapping him on the head. He was a great sport about it and had all the rest of us rolling on the floor laughing!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

1st Thanksgiving at my house

After having Thanksgiving lunch at Sean's parents (and with my parents being out of town for Thanksgiving) we had our wonderful neighbors Tico and Gabi over. I had so much fun getting the meal ready, having all our traditional family favorites (sweet potato souffle, green bean casserole, corn pudding, turkey of course, homeade mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and stuffing). It all turned out great and it was a very no stress holiday. We had THE BEST time with Tico and Gabi, lots of laughter and fun. We are so blessed to have such great neighbors.
Boston telling funny stories. Dallas was still getting over his little bug and put himself to sleep at about 6:30pm, poor guy, didn't even get one good Thanksgiving meal today. Asher did have some sweet potatoe baby food to join in on the fun: his very 1st Thanksgiving meal!
Eating the sour candy Gabi and Tico brought for the boys. He just adores the both of them!
Boston made the place cards for everyone, with the help of mommy of course. They are hand print turkeys.
Boston took this picture of Sean and I. I think he did a pretty good job, must be in the genes.
Tico, Gabi, Sean and I (using the timer on the camera :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eating breakfast....Boston had rainbow oatmeal (our Saturday tradition of adding sprinkles to their oatmeal). Dallas wanted a rainbow waffle instead. And Asher was waiting for mommy to put the camera down so he could have his prunes!!
My three sons! Aren't they cute all dressed for Thanksgiving. Happy 1st Thanksgiving little Asher!
Boy does he LOVE his little brother, and boy does he love his big brother!
We had Thanksgiving lunch at Sean's parents, including his Grandma Blanche and his brother Chad and his wife Lauren. The boys loved playing with all the toys and in this pic they are watching the newly released movie Ratatouille (they had never seen it so they were very much into it). Lunch was great. Dallas still wasn't feeling so great so he layed on the couch. Poor thing, it's horrible when you feel bad during the holidays.
Asher even ate some baby food apples for the first time today! I can remember back when we had Thanksgiving early at Sean's parents for Boston's 1st thanksgiving (before heading up to Suzanne's family's house in the mountains) and he was about 9 months old and ate his first meat there, turkey. And at this Thanksgiving I look at him and can't believe where the time has gone! So much to be thankful for this year. Wonderful growing family and a great life!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Aunt Karen's quilt

Sean's Aunt Karen made Asher this beautiful and cute quilt. What a nice gift! The fact that someone would spend so much time to make something so beautiful means so much. Thank you so much Aunt Karen for putting so much love into this. I know Asher will cherish it forever.


I don't usually feel outnumbered with 3 children, except for now. Dallas has a stomach bug with it coming out both ends and Asher's got a horrible runny nose. I feel like I'm being pulled in so many directions and its hard to give everyone the TLC they so desperatly need. But I'm doing my best, and I'm sure in their eyes its just enough. Between washing sheets, bedspreads, car seat and everything else Dallas has left a "mark" on, I feel like I'm constantly cleaning up mess, dosing out medicine, getting water, and scratching backs. Poor Dallas. I just hate to see him feel so horrible. And I REALLY hope that neither of the other kids get it. To be honest I don't even remember Dallas ever throwing up before. I'm sure he has, but I just don't remember. As I'm writing this, he's laying next to me watching "Little Bear". The boys are so extra loveable when they are sick. They aren't running around at full speed, but stop to rest and take some loving from mommy. All three boys got their flu shots this morning, something I had labored over then getting anyhow. Not sure if I wanted them to get it anyhow. But now I think Dallas is sick because of it and I feel even worse. But what do you do? When they scare you with children dying from the flu you feel the need to protect your kids. Boy, the decisions you have to make for you own kids are so much harder than for yourself!

Monday, November 19, 2007


By Cricket Whitman

Today I finally put the finished editing on the cookbook and it is ready to purchase. Of course I really think only people in my family will purchase it but anyone else is more than welcome to. The cost ended up being more than I had anticipated, but ended up being 200 color pages, so it makes since. Anyhow....great book of 188 recipes and MANY treasured photos of family, past and present. You can preview the first 15 pages by clicking on the link above. ENJOY!

Thanksgiving Rug

Last year I saw this idea in Family Fun magazine and searched all around for a rug to do it on but never found one. This year I was determined to do it. In my desperation I found a black rug at Walmart that I just flipped upside down. (And the best part was that it only cost me$4). All the feet are Boston's (except for the big red one....which is mine) Dallas only wanted to do his hands only and then the little feet are Asher's. I thought our little turkey came out very well. Boston is finally at the age that he really enjoys all the craft projects, which makes it even more fun.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Late to church

Since we've had Asher we are late to church everytime. Doesn't seem to matter what time we actually start getting ready, we are still late. Ugh, and I just hate being late to church. I feel like if I'm going to be on time for anything all week, it should be for church. I mean, how is it that I can get all the kids and I ready for a doctor's appt and be there on time by 9am, but not for church. My theory is that the devil throw every kind of curve ball at us on Sunday mornings just so we won't make it there. But we make it, late, but we make it. And I think that's the most important thing. I think God knows where our heart is, and that we will be there, even if we have to park in the dirt lot a million miles away!

A night off

My parents so graciously offered for the big boys to spend the night at their house tonight. So we dropped them off around 4 and headed to the new IKEA store that opened this week. Not such a great idea since all of Orlando was there! Very cool store but we decided to come back again sometime when everyone and their mother wasn't there. We then went to eat at Mimi's Cafe, yummy! And Asher was great as he tagged along. Then we went to Walmart to do some Christmas shopping for the boys. Its rare when we have time to shop with each other without the boys. So I think we got everything purchased for them, they are so easy to shop for, it's the REST of the family that takes much thought and preparation. was a fun night out with Sean...THANK YOU mom and dad!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Garcia's over for Dinner

Asher and Lucas
Watching the kids play
In on the action in our backyard
Pizza time!

Tonight the Garcia Family came over for pizza and fun. First we all went out in the backyard to run around and the kids had a blast. Boy did they all have a lot of energy! We have really been enjoying our backyard so much for the past week (I think mainly since it's not so HOT). We usually always play in the front yard, but now that our pond has dried up there's even more room to run. It's at least as big as a football field out there! The boys have started riding their trikes down the hill in our yard and this is a great deal of fun that they introduced to Israel, Amaya and Jonah. I myself remember sleding down the hill in my backyard growing up. Guess this will be our Florida version of sleding! And it was funny how all the boys fought over who got to play with the PINK ball while the only girl, Amaya, played with a truck in the sand! I know the boys really enjoyed playing with them and look forward having them come play again soon. And of course mommy and daddy enjoyed the company of some fun adults like Juan and Rebecca. And it was cute to watch little Asher interact with their little Lucas. It will be fun to watch them play once Asher is crawling as well. Thanks again for joining us tonight and for the awesome Brownie Mountain guys!!!