Monday, May 14, 2007


We are soooo excited to announce the birth of Asher William. He is just beautiful. Born May 14,2007 at 3:08pm weighed 8lbs 9 oz, 21 inches long. After 11 hours of laboring with pitocin I decided to breakdown and get the epidural. Labor took 13 hours total and I'm exhausted at the moment after no sleep. So I'm off to get some sleep and I'll email more details later.

Thanks for all your prayers everyone!

Cricket, Sean and Asher William

Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's time!

Well after having contractions off and on all afternoon Sean and I have decided to go on up to the hospital, better than getting up at 4am for an induction in the morning. So please pray for us that hopefully they will be able to just break my water and the contractions will take off on their own and I won't have to have any pitoicin to induce labor. We are very confident that it will all happen very naturally. Pray that I will have a fast, easy, painfree delivery.

We are so excited!!! I'm not sure what kind of internet access I will have but I'll try and get Sean to post something once the baby comes.


Contractions stopped

Believe it or not....STILL no baby. (13 days past due date now). I went to bed as the contractions continued but they just never got as strong as I thought they should be and in the middle of the night they just subsided. BUMMER! This is one stubborn and content kid to stick it out in Mommy's belly. So I'm going to pick myself up and get ready for Mother's Day service at church today and pray that today is the day. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mommy's.

Funny note....yesterday I've never seen Sean cleaning and organizing like he did. I laughed because it was very obvious he was nesting! Cleaning the garage, kitchen drawers: things he never does. I told him he was confirming the fact that it was time! LOL

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Well it's now 3 hours until Mother's Day and I've been having contractions for about 3 hours now. I started timing them at 7:30 and timed them for over an hour and they were an average of a little over 1 minute long and about 2 minutes apart. Crazy! But they aren't as stong as I remembered them being with Dallas. I have been praying for a painfree labor and delivery, but wow, this would make it really easy. So I've walked around, layed around, showered and done all sorts of different things and they still keep coming. I just can't decide whether they are active labor or very consistent bracton hicks contractions. So I'm going to go lay down now and wait it out a while longer and see what they do. I'm praying this is it!! Especially because it would be the BEST Mother's Day gift EVER!!

12 days past due date

12 days I never thought I would go this long. I actually thought the baby would be born in April, but here we are the middle of May and still no baby. Crazy! But it's been a fun ride of a pregnancy. The contractions keep on coming, just haven't yet started into active labor. I am now 2 cm so at least somethings happening. I do really hope that either today or tomorrow the contractions will take hold and we can meet our precious little one...boy or girl. There's so many surprises and so much suspense. When will it happen, what will the sex be? I wish now that I had waited to know the sex of the boys because I can't describe how exciting it is not knowing. It makes the delivery an even more special time. For those of you that are going to be having kids, wait to find out the sex. You will love it!

Until next time....the wait is on

Friday, May 11, 2007

Home from doc appt

Just got home from the doctor. All is very good. The doctor thought the baby isn't as big as the sonographer thought. Doc said it's probably only about 8 1/2 lbs. She said that if I want to go longer then she is all for it. So she's going to let me go until Monday (I will be 42 weeks). My cervix is still very hard so baby just isn't ready. They sent me over for another non-stress test on the baby and we passed. I even had a few contractions on the monitor, which was fun to watch. Sean got to go with me today to all the appts and such and that was fun to do together, almost like a date!

So please continue to pray that the baby will come on it's own before Monday. It sure would be an awesome Mother's Day gift. I felt very uplifted by what all the doctor's had to say today and very encouraged. They were all very impressed that I was patient enough to keep waiting it out. They truely believe that is best as well because with an induction there is always a chance for a c-section if your body doesn't progress. So the wait continues and I thank God for an awesome day at the doctor's today. I do think it's His will that the baby come on its own because the doctor's keep giving me more days.

11 days overdue

Still no baby....I'm now 11 days overdue. I head for the doc this morning at 9:40 and they will decide whether to induce me today or tomorrow from what I gather. I'm still praying up until the last moment that this baby will kick into gear and start active labor on its own. Granted, Boston was 10 days late and had to be induced because of low fluid level, Dallas did come all on his own 3 days early. My mom was 3 weeks late with me and my brother so I think lateness must run in the family.

Thanks again everyone for all your wonderful prayers and encouragement. I've never felt so covered with prayers as I have been the last 2 weeks. God has used this time to draw me closer to him and to have an even greater trust and faith in His perfect plan. Sean prayed over my body last night. We are ready. So unless they sendme right over to the hospital to be induced today I will try and update again later this afternoon.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The life of a pregnant, overdue woman

Thank you to everyone that continues to pray for me and the baby and that it will come on it's own. I know God is hearing them and has some specific plan for the birth.
I've had more and stronger contractions again today, but they just won't take off and run for active labor. My back pain has greatly increased as well. Walking is starting to become very difficult and funny I might add. I look like a big fat pengiun waddling around. People probably look at me and run the other way afraid my water might break right there on the floor. Oh the life of an overdue pregnant woman that only overdue pregnant women can completely understand. At least no one has come up to me this pregnancy (like the other two) asking when the "twins" were due. I must be carring this one differently. I had a dream last night that I was back to my slim figure and remembering how easy it was to glide around. It's been so long....

I swear this baby must be somewhere around 23 inches because I never felt the boys stretch and take up every available area inside me like this one does. It's amazing! This is one long kid!

BABY POLL UPDATE: The baby has OFFICIALLY passed every date that all the voters guessed on. Can you believe that?!?! Boston was 10 days late and even people still had guesses up to him being born. But this is one late child.

10 days overdue

The wait continues. Yesterday I had a sonogram to check the fluid levels and they were great. The only concern now is that the baby was measuring on the sonogram quite big. Of course they can be off on that, which is what I think. The first measurement said the baby was almost 10 lbs! I've never even had a 9 lb baby, so I really think they are incorrect on this. But since the sonographer believes it's big they are now not going to let me go past Saturday (originally they were going to let me go until Monday to induce.) Tomorrow I have another doctor's appt and they will decide then whether to induce tomorrow or on Saturday. This will be the best Mother's Day gift ever! I just hope the baby decides to come on it's own so I won't have to be induced and can follow my original birthing plan. Of course, I trust God and know that know matter what, His plan is the best and He will take care of me. I had contractions ALL DAY yesterday, but they would go off and on. Hopefully today they will stick and we'll have a baby very soon. It surely is big enough!! Look forward to sharing good news and the sex of our third with everyone very soon!