Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

It's Halloween time and my boys who love to dress up think this is just perfect...dressing up, going out on the town...AND getting candy!

And this year I introduce you to.....Batman and Robin!

Robin...aka Boston
Batman....aka Dallas

And super daddy And my little Miss Minnie Mouse with me as a cat

I made her outfit and earsOur family of 6We went trunk or treating at First Baptist Windermere and it was so much fun! The kids really enjoyed all the different trucks and costumesDallas with matching bucket
Sydney was a little frustrated with the lack of candy coming her way so she chewed on the stroller.
And after the candy it was time for some fun
Here is Boston waiting in line with Asher ready to take care of him on the tall slide. He was such a great big brother. Even taking the initiative to talk to the guy running it and asking him if he could go up with Asher. He really cared about taking care of him.
Asher loved it to say the least!As well as BostonAnd finally DallasThen they went in the space ship for a little laser tag....the highlight of the night
It was then time to head home and trick or treat around the neighborhood some before heading in and calling it a night. Of course I think they were just as excited to pass out candy to the few kids that were still coming around.
And then the tradition since the boys were born of The Great Pumpkin. Since it was getting late and it was a school night we opted to give the great pumpkin just a little candy which resulted in a letter stating that it wasn't enough candy this year. Usually the boys empty the candy, pick their favorites that can fit in one zip lock bag and the rest they leave for The Great Pumpkin. I have a feeling if they don't give more next year then he might stop coming!
This year (like many in the past) they received a costume and a new electric toothbrush....let the eating begin!

Pumpkin carving

We had a lot of pumpkins this year to carve and had a fun time doing it. Boston did his own. He drew it, pulled all the seeds out and carved it. It was the first time he did it all by himself and he did an amazing job! Sydney enjoyed watching the festivities. Dallas didn't like the seeds inside at all but was excited that daddy was going to put the batman symbol on his. Asher...well Asher wanted to paint his, then he didn't, then he wanted the pumpkins away from his seat, then he was crying.....well....he was acting like a 3 year old. Maybe next year Asher.My little pumpkin celebrating her first HalloweenSome of the pumpkins finishedDallas had batman, Asher was mickey mouse, then there was a pirate and some funny faces. I don't know where Boston's had walked off to at this point

And here they are all lite up. Boston's masterpiece is the far right one.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Winter Garden Halloween Festival

Tonight we headed to downtown Winter Garden to check out their fun Halloween festivities. Boy was it packed! It was like a swarm of people. But the boys really enjoyed looking at all the different costumes. And we even ran into Uncle Wes and Aunt Suzanne with Stuart and his fiance. We didn't last long because we were afraid we might just lose one of our four little ones in the madness so we headed out and drove by the old plantation style home in Oakland that always gets all decked out for Halloween. Boy was that a hit with the kids. We got out (along with many other cars) and walked around.

Didn't get a lot of pics but here is little Sydney dressed pumpkinish.
We ran into the Heltons and grabbed a quick shot of our boys with their pirate boys. And just to be real and honest here is a fun picture! Sydney is crying because she's tired and ready to go home and Asher is being a little stinky 3 year old with his tongue out. I really second guess whether I should have fixed his tongue tie. They were in cute matching shirts but Asher refused to take a well as get even 5 feet of wearing a costume of any kind.

End of Baseball season

Today we celebrated the end of baseball season with a big party at the Y. They had pizza and everyone brought food to share. We had a great time playing baseball for the first time this year and it was a great way to end the season....not to mention beautiful weather!

Here is Dallas getting his trophy from Coach AdrianDallas and "Coach" as he always refers to him
So excited to recieve his first trophy! Sydney hanging out in her Peek-a-BOO! shirt Pizza!

And here are some pictures from their last game
Dallas with some of his teammates waiting to hit
Boston with his trophy...his coach couldn't come to the trophy party

Wes, Grandpa, Suzanne, Sydney, Sean and Grandma
Boston was #3 this year and Dallas was #13
Boston hitting
Sweet Sydney loving on Aunt Suzanne Asher running around on the fields
Dallas hitting
Home run!