Friday, October 15, 2010

Sydney's first trip to the mountains

This was Sydney's first trip to the mountain house. Dallas was not much older than she is now when my parents first bought the house and we started going up there.

Here's my beautiful big blue eyed girl

The new golf cart my parents bought for fun. Here are the boys helping Papa and Uncle Mike work on it.
Uncle Mike and Papa
Boston caught this caterpiller and we all thought it was so cute. My dad happened to be on the phone with my Godmother and she quickly mentioned to him that a lot of times they sting. Boston quickly threw it down on the ground and we all laughed. Thank goodness he didn't get stung...and I was able to capture it.

Sydney snuggling up to Uncle Mike
She loves her papa
So sweet

Oh this carpet is oh so interesting

Yes you are sooooo cute
And here are the big boys exploring near the pond.

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Melanie said...

That was a wooly worm!! I've never heard of them biting before. There is a whole festival about them in the area of the mtns that we used to live. People race their wooly worm up a string and the winner is supposed to predict the weather in the winter according to the black and brown coloration on it!