Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last day in the mountains

Today was our last day in the mountains and also my mom's 65th birthday. We started the day by having breakfast at the Dillard house and hanging out with some of the farm animals. I forgot my camera at home :-(

Then we came back and had a fun day just playing around.

Here's my sweet Boston loving on his sister....the eyes will melt your heart
A quick shot of Dallas
They loved crossing the stream that leads into the pond over this fallen tree.
Sydney gets a lot of love from her big brothers
I'm truly beyond blessed!
And this little sweet muffin I photograph all day, just like her brothers. My little blue jean baby queen today
This is Moo...yes Moo is a horse. Moo lives just next door and we love to visit her each time we visit and bring her some goodies.
Dallas is so loving and gentle with animals
I love how she is closing her eyes while Boston is feeding her
"Bye boys! Thanks for the yummy carrots!"Going for a ride with Papa
and me!
Off hiking to the waterfall near the house
There's just something so precious about watching a boy explore in the great outdoors.
Dallas climbing the slippery rock to get a better view of the waterfall....meanwhile I'm praying that the Lord has angels around them and trusting Him that they will be ok.
These two were so cute together jumping rocks. They could have stayed here all day....and their smiles show just how happy it made them. Amazing view below the waterfallLook at the muscles of yours Dallas!Boston and the waterfall
Asher is feeding the fish off of the 2nd floor patio. The fish usually come running when they hear noise on the patio
And here's my baby with a scarecrow while we feed the fish
And finally a shot of her in this old box car that sits at the front door of the house....until next time.....

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