Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dollywood here we come!

Today we drove over the Smokey Mountains to Piegon Forge and went to Dollywood. I grew up going here, even before it was Dollywood and used to be Silver Doller City. It was very exciting to bring my kids for the first time. They were also didn't know who Dolly Parton was, how in the world did I not teach that to them sooner. Now they keep talking about "Dolly this" and "Dolly that." Dallas really thought she was very pretty and Boston liked her music.

Here's a pic of my and 3 of my kids....Asher didn't want in the picture

But he did get in since Papa was in this one.
Riding in the Classic cars....Boston and Uncle Mike

Nena and Dallas
Me and Asher
All Asher wanted to do all day was ride the was the highlight of his dayWoooowoooooSydney playing with Dallas Nena loving on her granddaughter
And Papa!
The boys were also excited about riding on the ferris wheel but then weren't so sure once we were on it, but they ended up liking it. Dallas was most excited about riding on the bubble bee kids ride and the bumper cars.
Asher having a meltdown while me and the boys were on the ferris wheel. He didn't want to go, but didn't want us to either.
And the finished the day off at this course were you are all ropped in like you are going mountain climbing and hooked into a track system. Then you can climb, walk over a water fall on a rope, scale the side of a mountain and jump from block to block high up in the air. The boys and I LOVED IT!
Here is a pic of Boston crossing with me behind
Boston reaching out to crossAnd there's me
Boston chillin
It was such a fun day! Lots of thanks to my parents who took us on this great trip. And the best was finishing it off with HOT Krispie Kreme doughnuts on our drive home.

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