Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 1 in the Mountains-sleding!

First day in the mountains and the boys had a blast. The spent the whole day outside. We didn't go anywhere but just played and played and played. I use "we" very losely since I was still not feeling great due to the strep throat, but there's nothing like the mountains to cure anything!

Here are the boys sleding together.....they went up and down the mountain so many times that they all passed out! I need to pull up their picture from last year doing this together and compare!

Be sure to pay attention to their facial expressions as they head down the mountaingotta love Asher's tongue, Dallas' pure joy and Boston's confidence!
Back up the hill
Ahhh...fallThere's not many pictures of Dallas because he forbid me to take any....of course I snuck in a fewAnd he did pose for this one. I took this same picture last year Boston loves the leaves
This picture cracks me up as he lands in the leaves. The Thor shirt fits his expression perfectly
He tired every way possible to slide down the hillEven standingAt first Asher didn't want to go down alone but once he did he was a maniac

Another rare shot of the always moving and dodging cameras Dallas I gotta pull up some archived pics because I'm now remembering Boston wearing this same outfit playing in the leaves at the mountain at this age when my parents first bought the place
And now look at how grown up he is

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