Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This morning I'm tired. Oh so tired. When you are this tired it's hard to think clearly. But somehow I've got to figure out how to stay sane on this little amount of sleep because I have 4 precious children to take care of and I'm sure they don't want an irritated, tired mommy.

The boys are obviously madly in love with their sister but I'm sure they are also going through some adjusting and displaying it in their lack of good behavior and obediance.

And my dear Dallas had one of his huge meltdowns this morning which made it even harder to get him ready for school and out the door.

Balance....only through God am I going to figure this all out.

- Cricket

Monday, February 15, 2010

It was a long night last night. But that is to be expected with a newborn. I feel like the night before was just a little too easy. ;-). Sydney had sleep all day yesterday and just keep crying all night gassy. Surprisingly God had granted me a great deal of energy and patience amist my lack of sleep. Hopefully it will continue this way.

She still continues to be very content eating between every 3-4 hours. And she still sleep most all the time. Hardly cries, except diaper changes, she really hates those.

The boys are just smitten with her. They can't give her enough love and kisses. It's adorable. The dog on the other hand is still very confused as to who this new little person is and if they are leaving anytime soon.

I was getting cabin fever really bad and it ended up being a gorgeous day today with a high of 70. Time to venture out of the house after having such cold and rainy weather for days.

First I took Sydney out with Sean and the boys for playtime in the backyard with all the neighborhood dogs as well. The fresh air was just so refreshing, and of course having clean hair and regular clothes on felt awesome. My body aches are feeling better today as well.

After we came in I craved more outside so we headed over to my parents for lunch and more outside playtime and catch some of the olympics. I can't express enough how nice the outside is. I'll be sad to see the cold weather roll back in for the rest of the week.

I am feeling so good about thing getting back to normal. Dallas will go to school tomorrow and I'll start school back with Boston. The house is running smoothly and I'm trying to take care of myself.

The back pain from the epidural is feeling much better due tithe belly wrap and the uteran contractions are getting less and less. I'm still very sore from the tear but that will be that way for a while. My

- Cricket

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My last day being pregnant

I'm trying to cherish today, my last day being pregnant. We don't plan on having anymore kids so i'm torn today. I'm very much ready to not be pregnant because I'm so uncomfortable but I have also always loved being pregnant. The idea of a little one growing inside me, feeling them move and grow. It's the most amazing feeling and nothing can compare!

I've also tried to enjoy and love and kiss a lot on my boys. We went to walmart and the boys picked out valentines an we came home and got them ready.

Boston was very cute at the store. He saw these heart necklaces and very sweetly asked me if he could get them because he wanted to give Julia(our neighbor) and Bonnie necklaces for valentines. It's so cute to see him want to give these girls a gift.

We bought them and this afternoon he gave Julia hers and then followed her around the backyard with puppy dog eyes. Already at 6 having a little crush. Lol. It is very cute to watch him look after her, put her first as jump to help her out Then of course as we are heading back into the house after playing Dallas says to Julia, "I love you" and blows her a kiss. Little lover boys I have!!

Sean and I went to dinner at Olive Garden and ate to our hearts content! Trying to get lots of energy for labor tomorrow.

I've been having very strong contractions since noon. They are just very far apart. So I'm thinking there must be some pregression.

When I told Dallas tonight that tomorrow mommy wouldn't have baby Sydney in her belly anymore she will be out he grinned the absolute biggest smile. It was so adorable. He's oh so excited for her to finally be coming. Everyday he kisses my belly and especially when I drop him off at school he gives me a hug and Sydney a kiss. What a big heart my little Dallas has.

Off to bed and ready to get up at 3am to get ready to go to my induction!

- Cricket

Last doctors appointment

I met with the midwife this morning and I'm now 3cm, 60% effaced and she's at -1 station. She stripped my membranes, which they also did last week. Her suggestion was that I get induced on Thursday. She said for sure they won't let me go any longer. I'm glad that she said that. I really was stressed about having to decide on a date for indication or even getting induced in the first place. But she was very encouraging. I'm just so frustrated that I'm always having to get induced and not actually get to go on my own. But her encouragement and saying that I could just start out with a little pit to get things going and then let me body go on it's own. And she was still positive about me doing it without the epidural. (last time I went a long gruelling 13 hours on pitocin without an epidural before finally giving in). I won't do that this time! But she was very confident that she thinks this baby will come much faster than Asher did.

So I feel uplifted and condident that this decision is the right one. And who knows, maybe she'll still come on her own.

It was a rainy day today and since my mom had the kids I decided I better go walk. So I went go the vitamin shop for more Evening Primrose Oil since I was out and headed to the Winder Garden Village to walk. At the time it wasn't raining but by the time I got there it had started. So I got a milkshake and reassed what to do. Then my brother called and wanted to have lunch and I met him downtown Winter Garden at The Moon Cricket Grill. It was a really nice time together!

Then I headed back out in the rain to the Millenia Mall to walk got an hour. Then back home I went and back to reality with the boys.

- Cricket

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Visiting with Jess

Well still no Sydney. Gosh it's frustrating to wake up each morning and still be pregnant. When is this little girl going to finally make her grand entrance.

We headed to church and then home because Jessica had driven up from Miami yesterday with the kids. So excited to see her! Of course we were both hoping I would go into labor while she was here so she didn't have to drive all the way back. She planning on being my doula again like last time. It's just a scheduling nightmare since we don't know when it will happen and she lives in Miami with 4 kids.

But we had a great time just getting to hang out with each other and of course the kids just love anytime they get to get together too. Sean watched all of them while Jess and I went walking to try and get things going. It was also good to have some time to talk without 7 kids running around.

Tonight my girlfriend Val brought us dinner. She had scheduled to bring us dinner tonight thinking we would already of had the baby. But honestly it was oh so nice to have a meal before she comes. I'm so tired as it is right now and by dinner I'm so uncomfortable that I don't want to make anything. It was such a blessing!

- Cricket

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bostons Pine Wood Derby

I actually got to go to bostons pine wood derby. Oh how excited I was! I wasn't ever sure I would be able to come and then when I thought of myself coming I thought I would have a few week old baby with me.

Sean and him have been working on their cars and he was so excited the day had finally arrived! He even won a trophy for Best Apperance! He was so proud and we were so proud of him!

- Cricket

Friday, February 5, 2010

False labor at the movies

Sean and I went to the movies tonight as met wes and Suzanne there. On the way there I started having contractions and had them all through the movie at between 2-4 minutes apart. The movie ended and we all walked around the parking lot trying to get things going and finally just headed home. Then they stopped. Darn. This is exactly what asher did when I was pregnant with him. So many false labors. But they are doing something to move things along.

- Cricket

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Due date!

Today is my offficial due date as with 40 minutes left in the day I think it's official to say she isn't coming today. If you had asked me a few weeks ago when I thought she would come I would have told you any day and not a minute later. Never did I think I would make it to my due date by the way I was feeling.

Now that I'm here and it's almost past I feel like she's never going to come, or at least on her own. I'm still trusting God even though my true hearts desire is for her to come on her own. It will be prefect no matter what. I'm just so ready to meet her.

The nursery was finally completed today when my parents came to hang the curtain my mom made. It's just beautiful, magical, girly, frilly and perfect in everyway. I'll try ad post pictures tomorrow. Right now it's just too late.

Go to www.expectnet.com and enter our baby poll on when she will come. The game is under WhitmanBabyGirl.

- Cricket

Monday, February 1, 2010

Still pregnant

At my dr appt today there had not been any progress from where I was a week ago (2 cm dialated). He did strip my membranes to see if we could get anything going but he didn't seem real confident that it would do anything, especially since I had done that 4 times with Asher and it never worked (he was 2 weeks late and finally induced). The dr said he doesn't want me to go past a week so it looks like my Sydney needs to get this show on the road or it's looking like another pitocin delivery. Ugh! I really really want her to come on her own so I can have a go at doing it all natural without the epidural. I know from my labor with Asher that pitocin just doesn't make it possible without an epidural. I went 13 hours without one before finally caving in to the immense amount of unnatural pain the pitocin makes you experience.

As I type this my precious little girl is kicking and rolling and moving all about in my belly. I really am going to miss that! I asked dr walker today how big he thinks she is because I'm thining she can't be that big because she can move about so much more than the boys did this far into the pregnancy. His guess was that she is 6.5 to 7lbs. That is really small for me! We shall see i guess. Boston was 10 days late and 8lbs 8oz. Dallas was 3 days early and was 7lbs 14oz. And Asher was 2 weeks late and 8lbs 9oz.

My heartburn has also been getting even worse, and I didn't think that was possible. At 30 weeks we could see all her hair on the sonogram so I'm guessing she must have a pretty good amount.

My due date is wednesday...but I don't think Sydney got the memo. She and God have their own plan of action and it's top secret!

Let the waiting continue.....

- Cricket

Pregnancy hickie

A few months ago I noticed this red sploch on my neck, as did many people. And it hasn't gone away. I know some women get pregnancy mask when they are pregnant but evidently I get this mark that looks just like a hickie and everyone seems to notice. It is pretty amusing. Wonder when it will go away?