Monday, February 15, 2010

It was a long night last night. But that is to be expected with a newborn. I feel like the night before was just a little too easy. ;-). Sydney had sleep all day yesterday and just keep crying all night gassy. Surprisingly God had granted me a great deal of energy and patience amist my lack of sleep. Hopefully it will continue this way.

She still continues to be very content eating between every 3-4 hours. And she still sleep most all the time. Hardly cries, except diaper changes, she really hates those.

The boys are just smitten with her. They can't give her enough love and kisses. It's adorable. The dog on the other hand is still very confused as to who this new little person is and if they are leaving anytime soon.

I was getting cabin fever really bad and it ended up being a gorgeous day today with a high of 70. Time to venture out of the house after having such cold and rainy weather for days.

First I took Sydney out with Sean and the boys for playtime in the backyard with all the neighborhood dogs as well. The fresh air was just so refreshing, and of course having clean hair and regular clothes on felt awesome. My body aches are feeling better today as well.

After we came in I craved more outside so we headed over to my parents for lunch and more outside playtime and catch some of the olympics. I can't express enough how nice the outside is. I'll be sad to see the cold weather roll back in for the rest of the week.

I am feeling so good about thing getting back to normal. Dallas will go to school tomorrow and I'll start school back with Boston. The house is running smoothly and I'm trying to take care of myself.

The back pain from the epidural is feeling much better due tithe belly wrap and the uteran contractions are getting less and less. I'm still very sore from the tear but that will be that way for a while. My

- Cricket

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