Monday, February 1, 2010

Still pregnant

At my dr appt today there had not been any progress from where I was a week ago (2 cm dialated). He did strip my membranes to see if we could get anything going but he didn't seem real confident that it would do anything, especially since I had done that 4 times with Asher and it never worked (he was 2 weeks late and finally induced). The dr said he doesn't want me to go past a week so it looks like my Sydney needs to get this show on the road or it's looking like another pitocin delivery. Ugh! I really really want her to come on her own so I can have a go at doing it all natural without the epidural. I know from my labor with Asher that pitocin just doesn't make it possible without an epidural. I went 13 hours without one before finally caving in to the immense amount of unnatural pain the pitocin makes you experience.

As I type this my precious little girl is kicking and rolling and moving all about in my belly. I really am going to miss that! I asked dr walker today how big he thinks she is because I'm thining she can't be that big because she can move about so much more than the boys did this far into the pregnancy. His guess was that she is 6.5 to 7lbs. That is really small for me! We shall see i guess. Boston was 10 days late and 8lbs 8oz. Dallas was 3 days early and was 7lbs 14oz. And Asher was 2 weeks late and 8lbs 9oz.

My heartburn has also been getting even worse, and I didn't think that was possible. At 30 weeks we could see all her hair on the sonogram so I'm guessing she must have a pretty good amount.

My due date is wednesday...but I don't think Sydney got the memo. She and God have their own plan of action and it's top secret!

Let the waiting continue.....

- Cricket

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