Friday, April 17, 2009

Dallas 1st Field Day

Field day! Dallas has been looking forward to this for sometime now. Mrs Shef's class (Dallas is second from the left with his glasses on)
Jumping rope
Dallas favorite part was the water fun!
Head first!
Jumping in the bounce house...a big hit!
Asher was obsessed with kicking these cones. To me he looks like a natural soccer player! Look how high that kick is!

After a long day in the sun it was time for a snack

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter with family and celebrating

We celebrated my brothers birthday at my parentsThis is one way to blow out the candles

Who would have thought to wear the hat this way?
An we had another Easter Egg Hunt at my parents house.
Boston finding a spiderman egg
Dallas hunting in the bushes Easter cupcakes my mom made
Tired after a long day and watching tv with Uncle Hess
After church and we went over to our friends Lina and David Millers house. They have three kids the same age as our three and they all love playing together. They had several other families out and we had a big easter egg hunt and swim in the pool. The kids had a blast!

Asher in his Easter Bunny outfit.

Asher and their little one got to hunt first before the big kids
The big kids ready to run!And their off!Boston and Dallas grabing while in motion Asher had more fun putting them in and then dumping them out
Look how many I got mom!

Asher trying to keep them from falling out

enjoying the candy inside with DaddyWe didn't stay for dinner at their house because we had to head to my parents but we had so much fun while we were there.

Easter Morning

The Easter bunny came last night while the kids were sleeping and hid their Easter baskets. He left them a series of notes helping them find each of theirs. Oh boy were they excited!

And then they finally found them on the patio full of lots of great goodies!
Checking out the loot
Asher getting excited for the first year
Then they went on an egg hunt for all the eggs the Easter bunny hid. Dallas didn't last very long, while Boston was on a race to see how many he could find.
Boston's Basket: Ben Hur the movie, train writing pad, chocolate bunny and other candy, croc-a-doodle (coloring kit for croc shoes), play mobile ninjas, Color Explosion Star Wars, Velvet coloring kit, Egg with die cast car Dallas Basket: 321 Penguins movie, chocolate bunny and other candy, Color Explosion Cars, croc-a-doodle, Play Moblie vikings, puzzle, egg with new die cast car, Lightning McQueen writing pad Asher Basket: chocolate bunny and candy, Elmo book, Cars ball, sidewalk chalk, magnetic coloring pad, train writing pad, puppet, egg with die cast car

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs

Today we colored eggs. Happy happy joy joy! Of course I think things probably would have run pretty smoothly if it wasn't for Asher spilling the cups of vinegar and egg coloring all over the table several times. Oh well...we still managed to have a good time. Of course the boys just LOVE dying the eggs....and their hands. They can get a little impatient and just stick their hands right in instead of using the little tool to get the eggs out. Nothing like dying your hands the day before Easter!
Asher's 1st time dying eggs Dallas concentrating on his favorite color, blue

Boston making sure it's just the way he wants it
Dallas and his favorite green egg...and might I add....fingers! Boston with all his eggsDallas and his eggsAsher and his eggs, very upset that there's no more to dye

Friday, April 10, 2009

My brother turns 30

Today was my brothers birthday party and we had a great time out at their house. Happy birthday Wes!