Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tomorrow's leader

This little guy is giving me a run for my money today. God sure has a sense of humor giving me so many strong-willed children. I didn't think any child could be more strong willed than Boston....and then little Asher was born. His first 3 years were easy breezy, but he was only saving up the fun! And his really is one of the sweetest, most precious little boys. But then when this child wants something he puts his whole heart and soul (and vocal chords) into it. I think I might have permanant damage to my inner ear from his screaming fit on the way home today from Sydney's swim lessons. All because I wouldn't buy him a popsicle. (Darn that Southwest Aquatics and the need to have a freezer of ice cream goodies on our way out the door.)

I can't wait to see what things this little leader does one day. I remember having a strong feeling while he was in my belly that he was destined for great things so it shouldn't be of any surprise that he is a strong-willed child growing into tomorrow's leader.

He is now sleeping soundly in his room after having cried his determined little body to sleep. I just pray he wakes up in a much better mood!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sydney starts swimming lessons

Sydney started swimming lessons yesterday. It looks as if she might follow in Asher's swimming footsteps. Asher only took 10 days to learn and he was the little protege at Southwest Aquatics. Sydney cried at first but I think it was the because the water was colder than she's used to in the bath. But after a couple of minutes she was calm and down to business. She was kicking and swimming with her little arms and legs. And today was floating on her back, even playing with a toy while chillin on her back in the water. What a sweetheart. I'm so proud of her! (her's a few photos from the iphone)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dallas is written in The Book

Today was a big day for Dallas.

Today he asked Jesus into his heart.

After a devotional together at the dinner table he had a lot of questions. The topic of the devotion was on Satan. For months Dallas has been asking a lot of questions about God, Heaven, the Holy Spirit, Satan, etc. And I always make sure to add that as long as you have Jesus in your heart you will go to heaven when you die. His big concern usually when we talk is what happens after you die and where do people go. Over and over again he would talk about it. And always afterward I asked him if he wants to have Jesus in his heart and he used to either answer "I'm not ready to have him in my heart" or "I'm not ready to die!" That's the Aspergers in him, very literal. But after so many months of trying to really understand it all last night it clicked. Without me even asking he said, "I'm ready to have Jesus in my heart." So we prayed the prayer and then he asked me "Will he come out?" with this sweet sweet voice cracking over the smile and joy coming from within him. He was so excited he was jumping up and down. I reassured him that He would never come out but be with Him always. With the biggest smile and loudest voice he said "YES!!!!!" Then he told us he was so happy he needed to scream and he screamed so loud I'm surprised the glasses in the kitchen didn't break.

I told him that when he was ready he could get baptised to show everyone that he had asked Jesus into his heart. He said that he wanted to do it right now! Sean told him we would have to wait and do it at church. Then he asked when we would be going to church. He had an urgency to proclaim the change that had happened tonight. I told him we should celebrate and have a party. So we ate the Easter cupcakes we had and enjoyed popcorn and a movie.

Thank you Lord for Dallas sweet heart. I told Sean the other day that Dallas sweet, gentle, kind, loving heart will do big things for the Lord. I can see Him using him somewhere in the ministry someday. A couple of days ago Dallas came into the kitchen and said that after he was reading his bible (which he chooses to do on his own a lot) he talked to God. Sean asked him if God said anything back and Dallas repied,"No Dad. He never does. Why not?" Then we tried our best to explain.

So tonight I smile and thank God for another saved soul, my precious son Dallas.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Therapeutic writing

Where does the time go? Trying to find time to keep up with everything after having my 4th child now a year ago is a daily, daunting task. Sydney turned 1 on Feb 11 and it's been a fun and eventful year adjusting to 4 and having a little girl in the house. I always thought that having one more after having three would be no big deal. Boy was I wrong. Of course we have had our share of other "issues" to face head on this year in regards to the boys and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. God sure isn't going to make things easy for us.

Last week at church the pastor said that people in the states get comfortable and that you need to get uncomfortable and do things like take a mission trip or something to challenge yourself. Sean and I looked at each other and said "we sure are UNcomfortable!" Our mission field is our children...and for me....right feels sometimes like we are out in the middle of no where trying our hardest to figure it all out.

And yet I don't have to figure it out. God knows the path. He knows just what roads I need to take. I just need to be quiet enough....still enough....patient enough to listen to his still small voice. Instead.....most of the time I'm running a hundred miles an hour, dishing out orders to everyone, disciplining and just trying to get through the day. Hardly ever do I stop to enjoy myself. I realized this today as the boys were all at school, Sydney was sleeping and I'm looking at my to do list and trying to figure out where to start. Sean has been out of town for 6 days (and it's been spring break) so I have been going, going, going. So this afternoon God stopped me in my tracks and I felt the need forgo all the to dos and blog for a few minutes.

The main purpose of this blog is for me to keep a log of my family. So I can print it out each year and have a recollection of all the fun we had that year. I'm reading Ann Voscamps book "One Thousand Gifts" and I realized why writing is so therapeutic. When you write it's more like it really happened. Kinda like how she describes writing down what she is thankful for. When she does that it makes the gifts God has given her more real. When I write down thoughts, events, feelings, it makes it all more real and I know it won't be forgotten. Trying to remember everything is stressful.

So, yet again, I'm blogging....and hoping to bring back the consistency I once knew here.