Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tomorrow's leader

This little guy is giving me a run for my money today. God sure has a sense of humor giving me so many strong-willed children. I didn't think any child could be more strong willed than Boston....and then little Asher was born. His first 3 years were easy breezy, but he was only saving up the fun! And his really is one of the sweetest, most precious little boys. But then when this child wants something he puts his whole heart and soul (and vocal chords) into it. I think I might have permanant damage to my inner ear from his screaming fit on the way home today from Sydney's swim lessons. All because I wouldn't buy him a popsicle. (Darn that Southwest Aquatics and the need to have a freezer of ice cream goodies on our way out the door.)

I can't wait to see what things this little leader does one day. I remember having a strong feeling while he was in my belly that he was destined for great things so it shouldn't be of any surprise that he is a strong-willed child growing into tomorrow's leader.

He is now sleeping soundly in his room after having cried his determined little body to sleep. I just pray he wakes up in a much better mood!

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