Monday, April 25, 2011

Dallas is written in The Book

Today was a big day for Dallas.

Today he asked Jesus into his heart.

After a devotional together at the dinner table he had a lot of questions. The topic of the devotion was on Satan. For months Dallas has been asking a lot of questions about God, Heaven, the Holy Spirit, Satan, etc. And I always make sure to add that as long as you have Jesus in your heart you will go to heaven when you die. His big concern usually when we talk is what happens after you die and where do people go. Over and over again he would talk about it. And always afterward I asked him if he wants to have Jesus in his heart and he used to either answer "I'm not ready to have him in my heart" or "I'm not ready to die!" That's the Aspergers in him, very literal. But after so many months of trying to really understand it all last night it clicked. Without me even asking he said, "I'm ready to have Jesus in my heart." So we prayed the prayer and then he asked me "Will he come out?" with this sweet sweet voice cracking over the smile and joy coming from within him. He was so excited he was jumping up and down. I reassured him that He would never come out but be with Him always. With the biggest smile and loudest voice he said "YES!!!!!" Then he told us he was so happy he needed to scream and he screamed so loud I'm surprised the glasses in the kitchen didn't break.

I told him that when he was ready he could get baptised to show everyone that he had asked Jesus into his heart. He said that he wanted to do it right now! Sean told him we would have to wait and do it at church. Then he asked when we would be going to church. He had an urgency to proclaim the change that had happened tonight. I told him we should celebrate and have a party. So we ate the Easter cupcakes we had and enjoyed popcorn and a movie.

Thank you Lord for Dallas sweet heart. I told Sean the other day that Dallas sweet, gentle, kind, loving heart will do big things for the Lord. I can see Him using him somewhere in the ministry someday. A couple of days ago Dallas came into the kitchen and said that after he was reading his bible (which he chooses to do on his own a lot) he talked to God. Sean asked him if God said anything back and Dallas repied,"No Dad. He never does. Why not?" Then we tried our best to explain.

So tonight I smile and thank God for another saved soul, my precious son Dallas.


Melissa said...

So happy to read Dallas' big news! Parker asked Jesus into his heart this year as well and it is such a blessing as a parent to know that your child has made that choice.

HellenCrescenti said...

Yay Dallas! What a joyous day!!