Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve

We had a great New Years Eve. Although Sean had to go to work the boys and I got a lot done around the house while having fun at the same time. We took all the Christmas decorations down and the house looks so nice. Usually I'm excited about taking Christmas down so the house is a little less cluttered but this year I was a little sad to see it go down. I loved the trees even more this year and all the festive lights just made things so beautiful...well until next year. Once Sean got home we had some fun family time and put the boys down to bed. We watched an awesome movie called The Ultimate Gift. I highly recommend it. Jim Stoval wrote the book and Sean and I have both heard him speak years ago. We laughed because we remember him talking about them making a movie about this book. We even got to meet him at a meet and great. He's an amazing speaker. A blind man but you would never know it, he familiarizes himself with the stage before coming out and comes on stage without the use of a cane and walks around the stage the whole time. He doesn't wear glasses either but looks around with his eyes. It's unbelieveable. And he's an awesome inspiration to all. We barely made it long enough to count down to the new year and we crashed!

Christmas ornaments tradition

The tree in the picture is one I hang on our wall to display our photo frame from each year since we've been married (yes there are 2 missing...i didn't unpack everything this year and those must have been in those 2 boxes). It's so much fun to look at this tree and see our family growing. I love it!

On our big tree it's also very fun to put up ornaments because each ornament means something special. Anywhere we go we buy an ornament to remember that by. And the boys each get a new ornament each year to remember that year by. This year Boston got a collection of Peter Pan ornaments and Dallas got a collection of Toy Story ornaments. Our tree itself is like a family heritage tree, revealing all that our family represents, loves and cherishes.

Asher's 2nd tooth with prunes

Asher loves prunes and while eating lunch today I turned around to get something for Dallas and in the meantime he grabbed the spoon and bowl of prunes and thought he would continue to feed himself. It was so funny. He finally gave up and licked the bowl. This kid sure loves prunes!! He also got his 2nd tooth today!!! After several nights of him up crying a lot it finally came through. Hopefully we can go back our nice 7am-7pm sleep schedule. This tooth was a lot harder for him than the first. At least he won't be so 1 sided...LOL He was looking a little funny there with the one tooth. So Happy New Year little Asher!

Highlights from 2007

Highlights from 2007 for The Whitman’s

We started the month out by having our first sonogram of our precious Asher, which at the time we didn’t know the sex. We had a 4-d sonogram and the pics were amazing! We also got invited to go to a beautiful dinner to benefit House of Hope by our friends Darryl and Val. That was so much fun! We ended the month with a cruise to the Caribbean for PrePaid Legal. The boys had a great time on their first cruise and can’t wait till the next. Sean also celebrated his 28th birthday while on the cruise.

Sean and I had a weekend with my childhood best friend Amy in Thomasville, Ga without the kids. I helped throw her baby shower and it was a nice little trip for us. Dallas moved to a big boy bed from his crib as well. Very smooth transition.

Started the month with Boston’s 4th birthday party, a pirate party! We held it at the lakehouse and it was a big hit! Jess came and brought Bonnie and Barrett and all 4 kids had the greatest time together! We ended the month with an Easter Egg Hunt for my Mom’s Club.

Thomas the Train arrived and we had a blast seeing him all weekend long at the lakehouse. They even rode the train with my parents while Sean and I went to see the musical, “Putnam County Spelling Bee.” Boston went to a big brother class at the hospital and I began having Braxton hicks contractions end of month. Due date for Asher came and went on the 30th without a baby.

Lots of prayer for baby #3 (Asher) to arrive on it’s own but when I hit the 2 week mark the doctor’s had to induce me. Asher Martin Whitman was born on May 14th after a very long night of labor (trying to do it without an epidural with Sean and my good friend Jess by my side). Sean and I celebrated 6 years of marriage on the 19th! I also went to a homeschool conference with Jess a little over a week later and we had so much fun there!

Not a lot of sleep going on this month, but lots of good food as all our friends were so gracious to help out. We decided to enroll Boston in preschool instead of homeschool. I came down with Mastitis, ugh.

Lots of swimming for the boys. Celebrated 4th of July at the lakehouse with our family and the Layton family joined us.

Boys started swimming lessons for the 3rd season and loved seeing Jamie again. Boston started preschool!!! Sean and I started working out before the sun comes up. We bought a hamster and named him John.

Celebrated Grandma Dorothy’s 90th birthday and had a family reunion with the Hurless family. I celebrated my 30th birthday!!! Sean and I went away for the weekend (with Asher) to Disney and had a blast! I also had a surprise party and was totally surprised. Asher started eating rice cereal.

We held a family reunion at the lakehouse for my mom’s family and unveiled the family cookbook I’ve been working so hard on. We also went to Sea World (with the Fritts family) and Disney for their Halloween Festivals. I got to see Lisa Welchel speak. Ended the month with a trip to my parents Mountain house to see the fall leaves. It was beautiful. Halloween was tons of fun as well. Boston was Peter Pan, Dallas was Captain Hook and Asher was the Crocodile.

Boston had his first performance at school for Thanksgiving. Poor Dallas got sick from the flu shot. Asher turned 6 months old and started more solid food and loves them. Thomas the Train came again to the lakehouse and my friend Carrie joined us with her two kids. We had a Thanksgiving dinner at our house for the 1st time with our neighbors Tico and Gabi. And we even had our first ice cream truck come to our house!

Dallas turned 3 years old and had a Safari Party at the lakehouse. Asher got his 1st tooth and started to wave. Went to Disney and MGM to see the Christmas lights and also enjoyed riding the Polar Express at Sea World. Enjoyed a Christmas party for Sean’s work and Boston had a school Christmas party. Went Christmas caroling for the 1st time. Asher had his 1st pic with Santa. Wrote our 1st letters to Santa. Boston even took cupcakes to school to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. The Baldwin’s came to visit and the kids loved seeing each other again. Had a great Christmas get together with Sean’s family at our house and then celebrated with my family at the lakehouse.

It was an amazing year! It is true when people say that the older you get the faster the years go by because I truly can’t believe it’s over. The kids are growing faster each day and we are trying hard to savor each moment. Life is busy with 3 boys and I’m sure it will only get busier.

Sean got a promotion at work and is doing wonderful as the Operations Manager at Harland Financial. We are just so proud of him. He’s also doing well with his PrePaid Legal business. He did get to golf at Bay Hill this year with his friend Blake but hasn’t gotten to play much lately. He has loved the times he gets to play the family xbox with my brother Wes. Tries to read whenever he can, of course when he gets home the boys are so excited to see him that he can’t get much of anything done.

I’ve been busy of course with all 3 kids. My photo art/photography business is going well, as well as it can with me chasing our kids around. I do look forward to growing in it in the future, as time permits. I started my blog this year and that has helped me to capture all the moments in our family so we will remember them forever. My days are filled with the fun of play and the joys of housework. I do love to read when I can and Sean and I have been renting a lot more movies this year, since we don’t actually get to the movies much anymore. I loved our season passes to the Orlando Broadway Series and hope to get them again in the future.

Boston is flourishing in preschool learning how to write and read. He’s known his alphabet and numbers for some time now but is really doing well writing them. He likes to point our words that he knows like his name and Stop. He’s also growing in his coloring skills, coloring in the lines much more. Loves to sing and dance around like always and trains are still #1 on the list. Thomas has taken second seat to GeoTrax now. His other favorite thing to do is ride his bike in the front yard with Dallas. Peter Pan and Toy Story were favorites this year. He wears his Peter Pan costume around a lot and him and Dallas like to play like they are Peter Pan and Captain Hook. He loves to read and will sit in the room forever. A lot of times when I’m reading to them he likes to pick out his own book and will read to himself while I read to Dallas. He really is growing up. Another favorite thing is swimming. This year he’s really started to master his strokes and can do the breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle and backstroke. We are just so proud of him. He’s also learned from daddy how to do a cannonball! He’s a great big brother to Dallas and Asher and has really stepped into the roll quite nicely. He adores Asher and is always there to help me out with him.

Dallas is coming into his own. He’s learning what he likes, instead of what his big brother does. He loves to read and will go in the room and look through books forever. He also still enjoys his trains with his brother and has really learned how put his own track together now. He’s also grown quite fond of pirates and has his own pirate voice he uses daily. Likes to carry his sword with him all around the house with it tucked in his pants. When playing chase he would much more like to be the one chasing than the one being chased. And he loves a good game of hide and seek. He can find the best spots and stay as quiet as a mouse. We can never find him! His favorite show this year has been Backyardagain’s (along with his brother). The boys call themselvs the Backyardagains, with our neighbors The Stietler’s rounding out the other 3 characters. He’s also fascinated with roller coasters and he’s quite the dare devil. This year he road the roller coaster at Disney’s Toon Town, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Sea World roller coaster. He can’t wait to ride Space Mtn one day. He also mastered swimming this year and will jump in or slide in and swim for hours.

Asher is now 7 months old and I don’t know where the time has gone. He’s eating solid foods now, nursing about every 4 hours, sleeps through the night, and is the happiest baby yet! He’s sitting up and loves to babble. He can say dadada, nanana, bababa. I’m looking forward to the mamama. He got his first tooth this month and the second should be here any day. He adores Boston and Dallas and if Daddy is in the room looks all over for him. When I come in the room of course he’s jumping up and down as well. He doesn’t eye the tv like the other boys did, he’s too entertained by the real excitement-two big brothers. He can wave to you and amuses himself with his skills. He’s a very content baby and will sit for long periods of time, letting mommy get some much needed things done. He likes to swing in the front yard and ride in the little car while mommy pushes. And one of his favorite things is to jump up in down in your arms. Sure lives up to his name, which means happy, he’s happy almost all the time!

May God Bless you in the new year as much as he has blessed us!

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Today was a fun family day. We played in the front yard together in the beautiful weather and then headed to Walmart...oh the excitement...LOL Then we attacked the garage in full force in hopes of getting rid of half the stuff we have. :-) That's my goal, to become clutter free in 2008. Now with 5 of us in the house we have to stay in check with something going out each time something comes in.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just like daddy

Sean got tickets from a vendor at work for Magic tickets, lower bowl 4th row, but since we couldn't get anyone to watch the kids tonight I told Sean to take someone and he invited his friend Juan. As I was tucking the kids in bed Boston says to me, "I think when I grow up I want to be like daddy." I thought it was just so cute. He loved the daddy time he got today playing trains. They both cherish daddy time. And there's nothing more fun than to watch the man you love playing with your children.

Christmas at Sea World

Today we headed to Sea World to ride the Polar Express (this is one of the boys favorite movies). Oh yes it was crowded but we sure had a great time! Although we didn't get to "ride" the train because Dallas wasn't tall enough and the wait was 90 minutes we did the "walking" tour and it was still fun. We look forward to actually riding next year. It was a record hot day today, 86 degrees. I doesn't feel like December when you are wearing shorts and sweating, but I wouldn't trade it in for snow either. I do love Florida winters! Hard to believe on Wednesday we are supposed to have record lows...ha!

At the North Pole after riding the Polar Express. The boys were too busy playing to take a photo.

It's very rare that we actually see the Polar Bears doing anything other than sleeping so this was very exciting to see him eating a fish and digging in the snow. It was awesome! And the best part is that Dallas had been asking if we were going to get to see the Polar Bear.
While eating lunch these birds kept flying by and they would hover looking at us and our food. It was like just out of a movie, like the bird in Nemo was there talking to us. So funny!
Asher was just so cute sitting in his highchair at lunch a had to snap a few photos
"Yes.... yes....don't tell me....I know I'm cute!"
Sean wearing Asher with the Baby Bjorn. Asher loved it! Bouncing and kicking his feet. Can you see his ONE front tooth. Yes, we were hoping for 2 front teeth for Christmas.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Leapfrog...never too early

While I was getting pj's I asked Boston if he would entertain Asher (he was crying in the living room). So Boston and Dallas went and got one of their leapfrog games with their new Lightening McQueen game and turned it to face Asher and proceded to explain to him how to play it. It was the funniest thing. Asher was watching and even looked like he was trying to understand. LOL Today while Asher was eating a Zwieback, one of his favorite thing to chew on since he's cutting teeth, Dallas came in and asked for one. The look on Asher's face as he watched Dallas bite into it was classic. It was like he was thinking, "How is the world did you do that? It takes me forever to chew this thing down!" I just love my boys!

Bathtime with Brothers

All 3 of our boys love the bath and they have since they were born. I've never seen kids that love taking a bath as much as them. When I say it's bathtime, they literally drop whatever they are doing and RUN for the bathroom, strip and jump in, even before the water is in sometimes. It's so funny. And if for some reason we have to skip the bath, they are so bummed. Asher loves it as well and tonight he got to join in on the big bathtime fun with the older boys. They were so excited that he was going to join him, and mommy was excited to save at least 15 minutes by combining 2 baths into 1! And it worked! I was worried with all the splash time fun they have that Asher might be overwelmed and scared. What was I thinking, he's so used to the craziness of Boston and Dallas what would he expect.
We've also never had a problem with them not liking water in their eyes, as you can see, they even love to pour it on themselves.
Asher enjoying his big brother bathtime fun

Dress up box....for boys

For Christmas Santa brought the boys a chest with all kinds of things boys would want to be...firefighter, pirate, police man, cowboy and more. They have really loved this! Today Dallas wanted to be the cowboy and Boston dressed in his PeterPan Costume from Halloween. I love the fact that Dallas is in his diaper....makes it all so funny!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Nativity Set

The boys love nativity sets. They play with them all the time. We have a fisher price one at home and the one that Dallas is playing with in the photo is the one my parents have at the lakehouse. He is always wanting to play with this one. It's so cute to hear them talk and pretend. I realize while they are playing that they truely do understand the story. Dallas especially wants to point out who everyone is, even when reading, "That's Mary, right mommy?" And I never really made a huge point to point them all out. I would just tell there story every now and then. It shows me that they are actually listening! Ha!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from The Whitman's! And what a wonderful & fun Christmas it has been. Boston woke up at around 5am but patiently waited for the rest of the house to wake up by watching the GeoTrax movie that Santa brought him. I layed down on the couch and got some more sleep. He looked over at me and said, "I'm so happy that Santa brought me the exact Geo Trax train that I wanted mom!" It was just so cute. Surprisingly Dallas was the last to wake in the house at 7am. I couldn't believe it! We excitedly got to opening gifts, always a crazy experience for us. Everyone got some really great gifts this year. Boston was more into it than ever. Dallas could have cared less about opening gifts. He just wanted to sit and play with the new GeoTrax train. Asher was so happy and content to sit there an play with whatever you handed him. He even got his own set of measuring spoons from my parents, since this is one of his favorite things to play with while I cook dinner. Ha ha.

We awoke to this absolutely breathtaking sunrise! What a blessing! (and I didn't digitally enhance this picture....this is exactly how it looked!!!)

Before we started opening presents Boston tore off his last ring on his advent and made it to the star!The crazy mass of presents!

A new drum set equipped with a microphone (his favorite part)

Look at the look on his face! Classic

Asher even loved playing with all his toys

Stockings with Daddy. I got Sean an Ipod Nano this year and it was a total surprise to him. That's always the best. He bought me a Kitchen Aid Mixer...oh yes! Lots of baking going on here. I've wanted one of these for sooooo long! There were so many great gifts that I can't even begin to type them all. Family Christmas photo....can you believe we are all looking and smiling at the camera! Truely a MERRY Christmas. After we opened presents we had an amazing breakfast that my mom cooked with breakfast casserole, hashbrown casserole and an apple french toast casserole. Oh how awesome!We also took a boat ride in the beautiful weather. I love Christmas in Florida!

Our little Santa Papa Santa
Nena hanging out on the boat with Boston and Dallas
Papa lauching his Christmas present...a rocket!

Love the scooters!

Sean's parents Dale and Pat came over and the boys had a great time playing with them and showing them all their new toys. They left today to see Sean's other brother in Las Vegas.
Sean got the rocket fishing rod...a commercial the boys go crazy over on tv. Boston was so bummed that daddy got it and not him. LOL But the boys got their own fishing rods from my parents. Really all they like to do is cast. None of them are actually looking to catch anything, especially since they don't have any bait at the end. All in good fun.

All in all it was a WONDERFUL Christmas with family and friends (Aaron and Kim came by with Kim's parents as well) Got to play some Mexican Train Dominos (a gift we bought Suzanne), laugh, eat and enjoy the company of some good people. The boys ran around like crazy and crashed that night. We packed the car up after an amazing meal cooked by my mom (Honey Baked ham and turkey, sweet pototoe souffle, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce and more). When we got home they jumped right into bed and Sean spent an hour unloading the car. LOL We then watched "Meet the Claus" a hallmark movie my dad recorded for us. Boy our Christmas' get even better with time, especially as the boys get older. I just love this time of year.

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas "postcard" this year!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa's coming to town!

Before bedtime Sean read the boys "The Night Before Christmas" and the Nativity Story. Then we looked online at one of the websites to see where Santa was and where he's already been. It was really fun. This year has been very fun since Boston is getting older, he understands the Christmas story so much better with each year. This year if you ask him what Christmas is about he will say "JESUS!!!" It's so cute. I love that we can celebrate Santa and yet still understand the true meaning of Christmas. After all, the original St Nick was a pastor himself that celebrated Christmas by giving gifts to children because God gave us the greatest gift of all. It was his way of celebrating Jesus' birth. And it also makes since to give gifts like the wise men brought to Jesus. And I love that our children understand this.
After the kids went to bed all of us (Sean and I, Wes, Suzanne, and my parents) played Jerk the Barber. A fun card game. My dad doesn't usually play but he was a trooper as this was fairly long game. It was a lot of fun and I especially loved that my dad played with us. I will always remember that. Nothing like playing cards with family. (I only wish I had a picture of our crazy crew)

Cookies for Santa

The boys decorated cookies to leave for Santa tonight as well. We left him the cookie and milk on one of the fireplaces and also left the reindeer some grass. Boston insisted on leaving it outside. I had mentioned leaving it in the house and Santa can take it to them, but he insisted that they should be able to find it outside. It was really cute.
Icing the cookies
Wes took this photo of us from outside

Christmas Lights

My parents lakehouse is on Lake Dora which has the most beautiful canal connecting it to other lakes and for Christmas some of it is decorated with beautiful lights and illuminaries. We took a cruise on the boat to see the lights and had so much fun. We even got to see Santa and his elf hanging out on a dock. What a great surprise! I've been very impressed this year with how many people have decorated their houses with lights. It's been just beautiful this year! All love all the Christmas spirit. We also took a short drive down the street to see the lights in downtown Tavares and wow were they beautiful!