Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Strawberry picking

Today we took the kids to go strawberry picking in Sorrento, Fl. What a fun time we had! They loved the fact that they got to pick their own strawberries and even eat one or two along the way. All three of them picked a good amount.

Boston and Asher scouting out our rows
Picking in our row (all three of the boys in red: Asher, Boston and then Dallas) with the Baldwin clan on our leftDallas loved to pick the little green ones and brought a few home. He was so proud of themAsher pickingBoston tried to get the biggest ones possible of course
After picking we headed over to the playground they had there and the kids played and played. I loved this little invention they created with a tunnel. It would be lots of fun in the backyard. Here's all 6 of the kids on top!
Swing highI will have a tire swing in our backyard soon, been dreaming of one for months!And yes, the best part of it all....the zip line! Dallas the first and bravest of all of them. Never taking one moment to be scared. He jumped right up, hardly reaching it, only with the help of an adult, and OFF he went! The joy in his face is PRICELESS! Boston finally got the courage to try and then LOVED it of course. Sometimes his mind tries to get the best of himI never imagined my baby would want to do it but he was pitching a fit so finally, with my help, he went down it with the BIGGEST smile on his face. Two times he did it. He couldn't get enough. This kid can sure keep up with his big brothers!
And again...another shot of Dallas and his pure joy. We need one of these in the backyard too!
We also got to stop at a local farmers market stand and by some fresh fruits and veggies and my favorite, boiled peanuts....southern cavier!
Back to the house and playing on the beach until Jess and the kids left. It was such a fun visit with her and I'll miss her so much until the next time. If only we lived in the same town!

Monday, March 30, 2009

A day with friends at the lake

What a fun day we had hanging out at the lakehouse! Jess and I's other friend from college, Mindy, came and joined us and brought her two little girls. So we had 8 kids under the age of 7. Fun times for everyone! Us girls had a fun time catching up and talking while all the kids played beautifully together on the beach.
Here's a group shot of all of us (except I just realized Barrett is missing from this picture.) And here they are in order of age: youngest to oldest (in utero, 1, 2, 2 1/2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 yearsold! We spaced them all out just right!)
Silly faces! Beach playing at the lake. All the boys were making mud pie and all sorts of yummy "mud food!" Swimming in the freezing water. They had a blast!
Going to see the train going by at the end of the streetThanks for the ride Papa!Whitman and Barrett childrens Croc shoes. They all were in the same color skem...too cute
We had movie night tonight and watched Nim's Island. We watched it with the kids last week and loved it! It really is such a fun movie. What a wonderfully blessed day it was!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Curtis

Tomorrow is Curtis' 3rd birthday, Jess' youngest...that is until the new little one pops out. We celebrated when we got to the lakehouse with chocolate cupcakes Jess made last night.

Jess and Curtis

Everyone picking out which superhero cupcake they want: Dallas was Batman, Boston was Invisible man, Curtis was superman, Barrett was a transformer and I think Bonnie was Supergirl
The Superhero cake
Even Baby Baldwin got in on the action Dillard fell asleep in between Jess and I in the bed while we were late night talking. She was out!

Battle at Narcoossee Mill

We took everyone to church this morning. Dallas was so happy to get to take Barrett to his class and they had a great time together. Boston was so excited to show Bonnie to his Sunday school class and then into the church for worship with us. When we were walking over to the worship center he kept saying, "Are you ready Bonnie, are you ready? Ok...here it is! Isn't it huge!" Boston was really into worshiping with us this morning and had a lot of fun. It was to see him like this since he usually doesn't get to into it.
Then after lunch we headed out to Kissimmee to see the Battle at Narcoossee Mill, a reenactment of the civil war fight fought here. I have never been to one of these before and it was very cool to see. I couldn't believe all the costume and guns, swords and cannons they had. It was so authentic! Boston LOVED IT! Dallas, not so much. He covered his ears and eyes the whole time they were fighting. The fight lasts for 1 hour but we only made it for the last 15 minutes, which was very good considering Dallas and Curtis didn't like it. One of the best parts was when there was a huge explosion and barrels flew up in the air and landed in the pond. After all the fighting was over and the south won (they won at this spot in the Civil War) they announced "Resurrection" and all the dead people arose. They had a band in the army and everything. Dallas really enjoyed watching it all once the loudness of the gun firing was over. Then at the very end they all lined up, the North and the South and they all fired their guns at the same time. Talk about being loud! It's all the kids could talk about all day!
Then we headed out to the lakehouse.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nicolas Birthday Party

We went to a bounce house place for a friend from Boston's class, Nicolas, birthday party today. I had to take all the kids since Sean was working. But they all had such a great time!

Boston riding the car with NicolasAsher loved the Merry Go Round
Boston jumping
Dallas jumping
Birthday Cake What a great place this was with so much to do for everyone. The kids were all sweaty and tired when we left.
We got home and cleaned up the house getting ready for Jess to come up from Miami to visit with her three kids. The boys were sooooo excited. We were so excited they were finally here!

Friday, March 27, 2009

1st day of Spring Break: EPCOT

It's my favorite time of year at EPCOT, the Flower and Garden Festival. They set up playground for the kids all over the park with the newest equipment and the kids have a blast! Of course the flowers and decorations are also beautiful! Boston climbing
Dallas in his cool glasses
Boston and Asher playing the drums witht their new Mickey Crocs Nena bought them today This was by far our favorite! I wish we had one of these in our backyard! "Look Mom, I made it to the top!"
Asher and Nena watching the big boys climb
Dallas driving the boat The Whitman boys boat
Dallas favorite ride, Nemo! We also road The Land today, a boat ride the boys LOVED! I always love it when we ride something new the boys have never done. They both said it was their favorite thing they did today.

We spent the entire day at the park and were worn out by the end of the day! We did stop at the Crocs outlet on the way home and couldn't believe the deals we found there! $4.99 Crocs. Who would have thought. They are in the Premiere outlet so check them out