Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thnk Fun Games

While we were over at Lina and Davids house on Sunday I got to see all these fun mind games she has for the kids. It really peaked my interest and I thought the boys would really enjoy them as well so I checked out their website when we got home that night and ran into a bunch of items on clearance for next to nothing. So I ordered a WHOLE bunch of games and they all came today! I'm not sure who was more excited, me or the kids!
The website is called Another one to check out is
In the picture Dallas is playing with this boat puzzle where you have to get the boat from one side to the next moving pieces around. He played with it for hours today. Another one we played with today is called Railroad Rushhour. Some of you may have heard of Rushhour before. This version has all trains in it. Of course my boys being train enthusiasts I figured this was the game for us! And boy do they love it. We haven't gotten into all the other games yet, one at a time. But check them out, and especially check out their clearance section and teachers section.

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Rebecca said...

We love these games :) We were at Borders yesterday and I saw a whole little Thinkfun section (hoping my 20% teacher card can be used for them!)