Sunday, March 29, 2009

Battle at Narcoossee Mill

We took everyone to church this morning. Dallas was so happy to get to take Barrett to his class and they had a great time together. Boston was so excited to show Bonnie to his Sunday school class and then into the church for worship with us. When we were walking over to the worship center he kept saying, "Are you ready Bonnie, are you ready? it is! Isn't it huge!" Boston was really into worshiping with us this morning and had a lot of fun. It was to see him like this since he usually doesn't get to into it.
Then after lunch we headed out to Kissimmee to see the Battle at Narcoossee Mill, a reenactment of the civil war fight fought here. I have never been to one of these before and it was very cool to see. I couldn't believe all the costume and guns, swords and cannons they had. It was so authentic! Boston LOVED IT! Dallas, not so much. He covered his ears and eyes the whole time they were fighting. The fight lasts for 1 hour but we only made it for the last 15 minutes, which was very good considering Dallas and Curtis didn't like it. One of the best parts was when there was a huge explosion and barrels flew up in the air and landed in the pond. After all the fighting was over and the south won (they won at this spot in the Civil War) they announced "Resurrection" and all the dead people arose. They had a band in the army and everything. Dallas really enjoyed watching it all once the loudness of the gun firing was over. Then at the very end they all lined up, the North and the South and they all fired their guns at the same time. Talk about being loud! It's all the kids could talk about all day!
Then we headed out to the lakehouse.

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