Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy Sunday

After church today we had lunch with Wes and Suzanne at Chipolte. I love that place!! The boys were great at lunch and it was so fun spending time with Wes and Zanne. The boys were super excited to show them the motorcycle that is in my trunk! After Asher's nap we all headed to toys r us to use money from birthday presents and Dallas had some he had not used. They each bought a remote control (Boston a black hummer and Dallas a red jeep). They also bought some Star Wars characters from the original movies. I found some great learning and thinking games on clearance as well. Then we had a quick stop at Publix and off to Nena and Papa's house to unload the motorcycle. They were so excited to ride it! What fun they had! (I am so missing Sean though...can't wait for him to come home on Tuesday!)

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