Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Carpooling and Bunnies

A few days ago the teacher who walks the car pickup line to radio what kid is needs to come to the pickup line, asked me if I live in the 32835 zip code. I replied yes and she handed me a note that another mom had for me. Turns out there's two other families that live within 1 mile of me that also drive all the way out to Oakland for school. They both car pool and wanted to know if I wanted to join in on it. So today we after school I met up with one of the moms and her son who is also in kindergarten, her daughter who is 3 and the other two kids she carpools. First we all met at this house on the way to the playground. It's this huge home that decorates like crazy for the holidays. Everything was all ready for Easter and the kids were so excited when they found out that he bought real bunnies and they could get in the fence to play with them! The owner of the home was out and it was nice to meet him, Joe. He was so friendly. Of course all Asher was interested in was the train. We pass by this house twice a day and he always points and says, "Whoo Whoo Mommy!" So we went over and I let him sit on the train. Then Dallas joined Asher and Joe asked if they would like to ride on it? They were both so excited! So he turned the train on and they rode around the track. Then all the other kids joined in and everyone got a chance to sit in the front and ring the bell. The kids had a great time playing at the playground near school and I even got to meet some other moms of kids in Boston's class. It's so great to know another mom now on my side of town!!

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