Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New toys...old toys...hours of fun!

Dallas new thing to do is ride his bike in the street. He loves who fast he can go!Asher has a new obsession with Legos. He could play for hours it seems!

I ordered a bunch of new thinking toys from They are awesome! We haven't opened all of them yet but the ones we have opened we have really enjoyed and I can see the brain working as they play them. This one you have to fit all the pieces back into the box. Not easy! A toy really for 8 and up but Dallas was very determined to get it. He worked for at least 30 minutes one day and then at least 30 minutes the next. I finally gave him the 3 hints it gives and he got it! Using that Dallas Determination to solve puzzles, I can now see how this trait will serve him quite well in the future!!

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