Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Dallas time

Dallas and I had some good time together today while Asher was sleeping. Dallas had a great time swinging and I had to capture it on film. He's such a funny character! Dallas has started eating his dinner at night (still after some crying and discipline) but he is eating what is served (always things he likes, but for Dallas that doesn't mean he wants to eat it.) At least we are getting away from him not eating anything we all eat and then having a waffle later that night.

He does great in school and showing a lot of interest in learning to read already. He spells words he sees everywhere all the time! He knows how to spell and write his name. He's known all the alphabet and their sounds since he was 2 years old so that's old news to him. He seems to pick things up pretty quickly.

He's a master at video games and I have to watch him that he doesn't play to often. Whereas it doesn't hold Boston's attention that long, Dallas can get mesmerized. And he's VERY good at them. We have most of the Leapster learning games and a lot of them are for kids older than him and he does them anyhow. I find Boston asking Dallas how to master things in the games sometimes. And of course being the sweet, caring Dallas, he always wants to help anyone he can. He always wants to give his favorite toy to anyone. And he still calls Boston his best friend! Only problem is when they play the Speedracer or Lightening McQueen game on PS3 Dallas beats Boston most of the time and if you know Boston you would know he HATES to lose! Dallas never likes to brag that he won. Never rubs it in. Rejoices just enough.

I love his smile and I love his sweet and gentle heart. And he's even started to warm up to kisses every now and then (he used to only give hugs, no kisses) Dallas laying back in the swing, soaking in the glorious sunshine!

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