Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baseball Fever

Baseball has become very popular in our house. Dallas wants to play it everyday. He loves to hit the ball and he has a great eye. He also throws the ball incredibly strong and precise. I'm convinced he throws better than me. Today we were playing catch and he hasn't quite gotten it yet, he just wants me to throw it IN his glove instead of moving his glove to catch it. Dallas is a righty hitter and throws great with either hand. Boston hits with his left. I'm pretty sure Dallas is a lefty so we'll see how much longer he hits with his right. Today I pitched him a ball and he hit it so fast and hard I didn't see it coming right at my face and got me right in the lip. Boy did that hurt. Today Boston tried pitching to Dallas and first one he hit it. I'm sure it won't be long before they won't let me pitch to them anymore. Mommy's not so great at pitching, but I try my hardest and they could care less.

Today Asher decided he wanted in on the baseball fun. He picked up a bat and wanted me to throw the ball at him. So cute how he brought me the ball and put the bat behind him to hit it.
Love it!

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