Monday, March 9, 2009

Mommy sick

I woke up this morning not feeling well, but pushed on through the day. I figured, "this too shall pass." But the sick feeling just stayed with me all day. I played outside with the boys, but eventually told them I had to go in. I told Dallas I had caught a bug and he replied, "you swallowed a bug Mommy?" It's always funny how literal the kids are. Then at 5pm is when the storm hit my body. The worst stomach bug I think I've ever had! It just wouldn't quit! Thank goodness Sean canceled his plans and came home to take care of the boys as I'm hacking away in the bedroom. Horrible! Finally at around 10pm the throwing up stopped and I was able to get some sleep!

Here are some pics I took outside (trying to keep my mind off of the sick feeling.)
Boston: my super competitive one

Asher: oh how he LOVES to have his shirt off. He gets so excited and rubs his belly!Dallas could jump on the trampoline for hours, of course that is until Dillard come running and barking from underneath. She hates anyone jumping on it. (this is our neighbors trampoline)Dillard getting to play with her best friend, Ruby. Whenever Ruby is out I can always tell because Dillard comes to get me and it's a different kind of bark lettting me know. They are both a little over a year old and have the same energy level and can keep up with each other. We love to let them play several times a day to wear them out. All the boys love Ruby, especially Asher who yells, "RUBY!!!" And always says, "HI Ruby" and "Bye Ruuuubyyy"

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