Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Strawberry picking

Today we took the kids to go strawberry picking in Sorrento, Fl. What a fun time we had! They loved the fact that they got to pick their own strawberries and even eat one or two along the way. All three of them picked a good amount.

Boston and Asher scouting out our rows
Picking in our row (all three of the boys in red: Asher, Boston and then Dallas) with the Baldwin clan on our leftDallas loved to pick the little green ones and brought a few home. He was so proud of themAsher pickingBoston tried to get the biggest ones possible of course
After picking we headed over to the playground they had there and the kids played and played. I loved this little invention they created with a tunnel. It would be lots of fun in the backyard. Here's all 6 of the kids on top!
Swing highI will have a tire swing in our backyard soon, been dreaming of one for months!And yes, the best part of it all....the zip line! Dallas the first and bravest of all of them. Never taking one moment to be scared. He jumped right up, hardly reaching it, only with the help of an adult, and OFF he went! The joy in his face is PRICELESS! Boston finally got the courage to try and then LOVED it of course. Sometimes his mind tries to get the best of himI never imagined my baby would want to do it but he was pitching a fit so finally, with my help, he went down it with the BIGGEST smile on his face. Two times he did it. He couldn't get enough. This kid can sure keep up with his big brothers!
And again...another shot of Dallas and his pure joy. We need one of these in the backyard too!
We also got to stop at a local farmers market stand and by some fresh fruits and veggies and my favorite, boiled peanuts....southern cavier!
Back to the house and playing on the beach until Jess and the kids left. It was such a fun visit with her and I'll miss her so much until the next time. If only we lived in the same town!

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