Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Boston!

What a crazy day! Boston woke up to streams in his room and decorating the kitchen. We started the birthday morning with pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles on top. He got to open a few little gifts, a clip light so he can read in bed, a calendar he can color himself
I dropped him at school, ran to my parents and dropped off Dallas and Asher and ran back to the school to volunteer in Boston's class. Then I met my parents in the parking lot and we had lunch with Boston at school sitting outside at one of the picnic tables. He LOVED this. His request for lunch was tacos from Taco Bell, like mommy like son! My parents were sweet enough to bring this for lunch for all of us!

But the morning wasn't drama free. When checking in at the office the secretary noticed that I had taken some of the cupcakes out of the box they were in (I ordered Speedracer cupcakes from Sams and it comes with 30 cupcakes and there's only 18 in his class.) She quickly informed me that they would not be able to eat them since the box isn't sealed. I was confused since the box wasn't sealed in the first place. Ah the stress, now what am I going to do. So I ran over to Publix (where shopping is ALWAYS a pleasure) and I asked the ladies in the bakery if they could help me out. I removed all the speedracer rings off the Sams cupcakes and bought 18 more cupcakes from them and they put them on there and sealed the boxes. The cupcakes at Publix were all green because of St Patricks Day but that worked in my favor since Boston's favorite color is green! Score! And they were on sale...double score!

Back to school I went and dropped off the cupcakes. Whew...mission accomplished.

Then back home I went, kid free, to decorate the cake for tomorrow's party. It was a peaceful and relaxing time without the kids, listening to some great music and being crafty. Therapy to the morning madness.
I waited for Sean to get home and picked up the kids from my parents and headed out to Magic Kingdom. This year everyone gets into Disney for free on their birthday. Since we have seasonal passes we get a gift card to spend on merchandise in the park. So Boston got a gift card for $63 to buy whatever he wanted. Sean and I both thought he would probably pick out the monorail that he's been wanting since he could talk. And sure enough it was the first thing he laid eyes on. It was $72 but on sale for $50. Yes! Then he bought a Star Wars gun and bought Dallas one as well. What a sweet brother.
Boston with his Disney Birthday button on with the castle in the background.

We were able to squeeze in some of his favorite rides and even got to see the fireworks. And for the first time he saw Tinkerbell fly down from the castle. What a great day it was for the birthday boy. (Riding the people mover in the picture: also rode Buzz and the Race Cars before closing time)
I can hardly believe he's 6 years old. Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was heading in the hospital to be induced and become a mommy for the first time. The amazing part is that his personality was so apparent from yearly on and it's never changed. His great smile and ability to bring joy to all who meet him. I'm so blessed to have him as my son!

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