Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boston's Birthday Party

Today was Boston's 6th birthday party. He picked a Speedracer theme. It was last minute change a few weeks ago since it was going to be a Star Wars theme for many months. But I'm glad he switched because there were so many fun games I was able to come up with for this one!

At first I was going to make it a very small party with only about 6 of his friends but he really wanted to invite all his classmates and the more I thought about it I wouldn't want him to be one of the ones left out from a party so I decided to invite all 17 of them. Of course he also has a lot of friends from church that we also invited so all in all we had 27 kids show up to the party. It was madness, but so much fun for them. And most importantly Boston had a BLAST! I think it's the first time any of our kids have actually enjoyed all of their party and haven't gotten overwhelmed with it all. It's the first time he participated in any of the games at the party, the birthday song and enjoyed opening presents. And that was most important for me, that he has fun.

They all ran around and played while everyone got there and then I had them all sit down and each person got a package that had a collectible race car drawing with velvet around it. It also came with markers and they all colored their race car. Surprising to me this was a huge success. I didn't really think anyone would want to sit down and color when there was a playground right there.

Then they all stood in a line as Boston passed out HotWheels Speedracer cars for everyone. We had about 10 different cars from the movie (even the Trixie car mommy loves that is pink!) Then we had a race 4 cars against each other on our Hot Wheels race track. That was also a big hit!

After that everyone divided up into two teams, the Speedracer team lead by Boston and the Racer X team lead by Dallas. I made cars for each team out of a cardboard box that I cut arm holes and a head hole out of and then painted. The wheels were plates I attached to it. They turned out way better than I thought they would! And boy was everyone excited about this. I used one of the race car flags and they were off! It was so cute to see all the kids cheering for each other and the smiles on their faces as they ran. It was worth all the hours spent painting those crazy boxes.

After the race I said EVERYONE won and they all got a trophy that I had attached a saying "You're a Winner for coming to Boston's 6th birthday party" You would have thought I had given them a huge gift with these little trophies.
It was then time for snacks. I had Bostons' favorite things as the snack: Cheese puffs, strawberries and grapes and pretzels. My mom brought a Mexican dip that the adults enjoyed.

Then it was time for cake. Dallas had been asking if it was time for cake since this morning so I was glad to be finally getting to it. I made

I was going to have him open presents at home because it usually becomes an issue with either the birthday boy or the other kids at the party. After a lot of people had left he wanted to open them so he did. Boy did he get a lot of really great gifts!!!Then when we got home he finally got his big present from mom and dad since we stayed at Disney so late last night. We got him a new, bigger bike that is also his favorite color, green! And he got a bell on it and a new helmet. (He had grown out of his bike and helmet.) Dallas also got a horn to go on Boston's bike which he has now claimed as his own. It was a long day but a fun day and I'm so glad Boston had such a great time at his birthday!

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