Tuesday, September 30, 2008

China, a door closed

Today was a day to process things. That probably doesn't make since but I'm really not even sure how to start my blog today.

First I'll start with China. We have always wanted to adopt from China. After we had Asher we decided we would go ahead and adopt our next one from China and not have anymore biological children. We both have always felt lead to China. But a few months later I really felt God calling me to birth another child of our own. So I talked with Sean and we decided we would have a go at it again, and then he still wanted to adopt. Of course we did get pregnant but unfortunately lost that baby. After all of that Sean has been leaning heavily toward adopting and not trying anymore. I felt very torn. Very torn. But after him mentioning if several times I told him I would pray about it. I talked with God and told Him I really wanted to know what His will is for our family. Are we supposed to adopt or our we supposed to birth another child, or not have anymore period. I asked for a clear answer on this so I would know for sure He is speaking to me. I prayed this prayer Saturday night. Sunday I kept feeling my heart change and wanting to adopt again and I felt like God was speaking to my heart about it. So on Tuesday morning I made a call to find out how China adoptions are going. It was then that the door was closed (quite LOUDLY) on our China adoption future. It appears that China adoptions are taking 5-7 years right now and to qualify is very difficult. Not to mention most agencies aren't even taking any more applications for China adoptions. Even Vietnam is pretty much closed right now. International adoption in general is going through a very rough time right now. She said in no way is this the time to start thinking about international adoption.

Wow-I don't think God could have clearly spoke to me better.

But for us China has been a dream and a calling we years. It will take some time to heal my heart that it will never happen.

(Photos are of my two cousins that are adopted from China)

Dallas and the new frontier

Today Sean and I met with a Behavioral Specialist for Dallas. Dallas has been toe walking for pretty much since he started walking. I know from researching it that it can be a sign of a type of sensory problem. So last week I took him to see our pediatrician to ask him about it. He checked his feet and said there is nothing physically wrong that he can see. But he wants to have him tested to make sure their aren't any spinal abnormalities as well (he also had a very slight amount of blood in his urine.) So we are going for an ultrasound in a couple of weeks for that.

I asked the doctor about the possibility of a sensory problem and he blew me off staying that he might end up having ADHD, but we will look into that and the possibility of medication later. HOLD ON! He hardly even talked to Dallas, so how in the world is he coming to this conclusion and why in the world would we go right to medication. I felt like I needed a second opinion on it. I have a couple of friends who have had to take their kids to behavioral specialist and recommended one of the top ones that's here in Orlando. The wait time to get into her is months because she's so popular, but when I called on Monday they said they had an opening for Tuesday! Wow, I think God really wanted us to get into this lady!

What a great doctor she is. Sean and I were VERY impressed. Her name is Dr Kojic for anymore interested. She spent about 45 minutes talking with us. We told her all our concerns. She felt like the toe walking is probably a habitual thing, but that is also a sign for sensory disorders. Dallas is an extremely bright child and usually ahead of other children in learning. He met most of his childhood milestones earlier than others, having a large vocabulary at 18 months. So we are now going to do some other tests to rule out anything and know exactly what is going on. It may be nothing, but if it is something we can get him into some therapies and get the problem corrected early before he starts school. I'm so glad for my friend Val for having kept bringing up the toe walking and helping me to get to this specialist. It could mean a world of a difference for Dallas! The doctor mentioned that she thinks it might be Asperger's Syndrome. I'm not too sure of that, so I'm just going to wait until the results from the tests and go from there. She told Sean those kids are usually the very smart, successful ones (its rumored that Bill Gates has Aspergers) She said they usually come from very intelligent, successful families. Sean smiled big on that one. Ha ha ha. Either way, he's going to be such a talented, successful child because he's so smart and determined. And what a fun boy he is!

A word of advice (that a friend Carrie also said to me). YOU are you child's BEST doctor. YOU know them better than anyone else and YOU have to be their biggest voice. If you feel at all like something might not be right, then seek advice from another doctor, especially a specialist. It's so great to know that we will know whether he does having something that can be corrected with therapy, or if he's just a very difficult child. For me, just the thought that it's not just me and my parenting that are failing him, that it could be the WAY I'm parenting him because he learns in a different way, would be a huge weight off my shoulders. I don't know if that makes any since. Basically parenting him at times can be beyond difficult. And he truly is the SWEETEST, GENTLE child.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Muffin Morning Madness

WHAT A DAY! That should be all I blog today. Period. Three words to describe my day.

It probably didn't help that I had stayed out late with Val last night and had cut out Coca Cola from my diet. But today I blew it!

First-we had to be at school early this morning because they have what they call Muffin Monday's on the Monday after progress reports (which I'll have to write about later.) I had everyone ready and in the car (oh so proud of myself for being ready 30 minutes earlier than usual.) But then Boston's shoes that were in the car when we were last in the car as a family, were no where to be found. Come to find out Sean had placed them on top of the car later that day and that night I, not knowing, drove off. So then we are all running around the house looking for the sandals that he wore to church yesterday but they have DISAPPEARED!!! (still missing as I write this tonight) So after 30 minutes of looking I end up giving up and heading to Walmart to buy new ones before we are super late to school. My neighbor took Dallas to school and Asher, Boston and I headed to the store. I couldn't remember his shoe size (with three boys changing monthly how am I?!?!) But they couldn't find the measuring tool, so I just started guessing...it was hilarious. If only I had been followed by a realty video camera, you all would be rolling on the floor. So I finally realize he's a 2 (I think his old ones were 1), and the only shoe they have in a 2 is the one he really wants. SCORE 1! And they light up! SCORE 2!

Then I realize that Boston has only eaten fruit since we were going to have muffins at school, so I run through the ChickFilA drive thru and that's when the coke was ordered. But trust me, I needed it! I really needed it.

As frantic as I was, Boston thought this was such a great morning. He told me all his friends at school are going to love his new shoes and he had a blast getting to go to the store before school. And I let him ride up front and we had Chickfila in the car. He didn't think it could get much better than that. I just needed something a little stronger to calm me down. Where's the cod liver oil when you need it!

I won't elaborate on the rest of the day. I was too tired to be a good mommy today. :-( And that wasn't good. But my boys were so quick to forgive me and tell me they love me, me and all my flaws. And as I'm typing this I'm looking over at my sweet, kind, gentle hearted, loving mama's boy Boston sleeping next to me. Daddy is at pool league and Boston just hates for mommy to sleep alone. (Although mommy really would enjoy the quiet time, but I also enjoy the time with him.) So I'm going to sign off and cuddle with my 5 year old, before he's too old to do that anymore.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Starbucks with Val

Tonight for some reason my friend Val popped into my head to call and ask to meet up for some girltime. I had a Starbucks gift card from my birthday from her and I thought this would be a good time to use it. It turned out to be good timing for both of us to just get out and talk. And since I'm not a coffee person I got an entire education on Starbucks from Val and the guy and girl behind the counter. There wasn't anyone there so they made and let me sample a bunch of different stuff. It was very fun....but in the end I still ended up going with Hot Chocolate. I just don't think I will ever like any form of coffee, even coffee flavored ice cream, yuck! LOL

Val and I ended up closing the place down and then sitting in her car for another hour or so chatting. It was great!!! Thank Val!! And thanks for the lack of sleep...ha ha ha

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Magic Kingdom dressed for Fall

We took the kids to Magic Kingdom today and enjoyed all the fall decorations. The boys were so cute about noticing all of them and pointing out all the cool pumpkins and scarecrows. It ended up being very hot today and quite crowded so we didn't last long. But we saw two couples from our life group while leaving and that was just funny!

Boston on It's a Small World
He loves to make these poses for me, especially this one with this sweet smile and his chin cocked this certain way

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fireproof the Movie

Tonight we went to see Fireproof the movie with some other friends from our Life Group (Sunday school class). We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and headed over to the theatre. The show was sold out and they actually moved it to the biggest theatre to accommodate the large demand. How awesome is that! First off, everyone should see this movie-ESPECIALLY married couples! It's not just a "religious" movie, but funny, entertaining, emotional, touching and inspiring. Kirk Cameron does an amazing job in it and he had most all the guys crying in the theatre. GO SEE IT!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dillard and the bird Cinderella

My family has a parrot that we have had since I was about 3 years old. We got two baby parrots when we lived in Panama while my dad was in the Army. Cinderella the movie had just come out so my brother and I named them Cinderella and Bruno (the dog in the movie.) We brought them back to the states with us, unfortunately Bruno died after having fallen off his perch and breaking his neck. Anyhow...our dog Dillard loves to go over to my parents house and run in their big backyard, chasing lizards and squirrels and anything that runs. But her favorite thing to do it terrorize the poor bird. She jumps on the cage and does her "stare" that she also does with our cat. I just know one day the bird is going to go after her and there going to be blood shed and it won't be the birds!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Creative Correction

I'm taking an ACTS class at my church on Wednesday nights called Creative Correction by Lisa Welchel. It's a video based study off of her book. I LOVE it! I truly believe it's the best parenting class I've ever taken. It just gels PERFECTLY for our family and our situations. I'm just so excited about all of it and the great ideas she has for correction. I've always hated using spanking as the major form of discipline in our house. But now I feel armed with a whole armor full of things to teach them to be better people and in the end want to obey God.

One thing really stuck to me this week:

Think about it this way: We wouldn't yell at a tomato plant to make it produce. That would be ridiculous! All we can do is give the plant structure to grow in the right direction, clip the dead leaves, water it, and give it plenty of sunshine. In the end, the fruit comes from God the Creator-certainly not as a result of our ranting and raving.

What makes shouting a sad analogy is that tomatoes don't get bruised by our words like our children do. And yelling at our kids does NOT bring them any closer to godliness. Anger may accomplish our immediate goal, but it won't achieve for them "the righteousness of God," which should be our ultimate goal.

WOW, isn't that POWERFUL! Words to remember that is for sure!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Boston praying

Tonight I had put everyone to bed and knew Dallas and Asher were already asleep but I heard Boston talking from their room (Boston and Dallas share a room). So I walked by and said, "Shhh." Then a few minutes later I walked by and heard him talking again so I listened this time. HE WAS PRAYING! It was too adorable. I only wish I could remember everything he said. He started with, "Hey God it's me. Thank you God for being so great. And thank you God for dying on the cross for our sins." Then he prayed something about Mommy and then something about Daddy. He thanks him for some things and was praising him. I was so proud of him. It's amazing to me that he has picked up so much along the way. He's prayed with me many times before, but to hear him pray in his room, aloud, alone, was just touching. You go my little prayer warrior!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Old movies, new generation

Friday night we had family movie night and we were going to watch Star Wars 1, but we couldn't find it anywhere in the house. (Then remembered Sean only had the original 3) I had picked up Short Circuit from the store for $5 a while back and so we watched that. The boys thought it was so funny, but Asher really was so funny about it. I wish I had gotten his reaction on video. The only downfall was the language. I couldn't believe how many bad words were in it and it be PG. CRAZY! Never remember that as a kid, but when you watch it from my perspective of having young kids, it's different. But....Johnny 5 is ALIVE!

Tonight Sean went and rented Star Wars after the boys hounded him all weekend about it. We realized it was a little over there head but they still enjoyed it. Wes and Suzanne even came for the first night revealing of the movie. Asher was again the funniest. Sean even kept giving him the pacifier to quiet his comment down but he would hand it back to him and keep talking in his own little language. ROFL

But there's nothing more fun than sharing old movies you watched as a kid with your kids. While at the lakehouse a few weeks ago we were watching Princess Bride and Boston watched some of that and thought it was so funny. The movie Annie they especially love. And many more to come!
(In the photo the boys are playing around in costumes I picked up this week. The Buzz one is for Dallas Halloween costume and the Darth Vader one was just one I got for fun since it was only $5. But Boston took a liking to it-even though he didn't know who Darth Vader is. He had a bunch of question about him. I told him he needed to ask daddy. He asked if he was a robot and Sean replied that he was half robot. Boston's face was in complete amazement. So funny. Sean said, "I love the fact that he's so excited about Star Wars and he hasn't even seen it yet!"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was beautiful and fun today. Not crowded at all. Asher was amazing (and it was his naptime). You hardly even knew he was with us most the time...LOL

The train to take over to the petting zoo area
Asher loved the animals and keep pointing and talking to them
Mommy and Boston on the train
Daddy and Asher (Dallas did not want to be photographed)
I went to see The Women tonight and it was so funny. I loved the fact that even though the husband cheats on his wife in this movie, the wife isn't about revenge or getting even. It was refreshing to see love the central theme.

I'll Hold You in Heaven

My friend Carrie loaned me this book, "I'll Hold You in Heaven," she had bought after her miscarriage. It's by Jack Hayford and it was just an awesome book to read. It answered so many questions I had.

What happened to my baby after it died?

Will I ever see my baby and will I recognize him/her?

Does God have a reason for letting my child die?

What an answer to prayers this was because I did have so many questions. Especially since I never got to meet our baby full grown. But this book reassured (with scripture) what I was only hoping.

YES at 8 and a half weeks my baby was in fact a baby and not just cells. (Although I didn't question this at all, especially having SEEN our baby, but some may question this) YES I will see my baby in heaven and I will know who they are! And YES my baby IS in heaven! And I know God did have a reason for my baby miscarrying. I don't know if I will ever know the question to that but I feel comfort in knowing that God is GOOD and that he always makes things work for the glory of Him and I can rest in knowing that. And I have to believe that I am a better person through this tragedy. My trust, faith, love and relationship with God is closer and I thank my precious baby for that!

This book also spends some time addressing abortion and helping those who may have had one in the past. What a comforting book for those who may have experienced this. Not that he condones it or that I do, but there has to be healing for those who made this decision. And there has to be more information out there now so that people will realize that it's a baby as soon as the sperm and egg make contact. I think most people just aren't educated enough.

So for those out there who have been through a miscarriage, abortion or know someone who has, please read this little book. It really is wonderful. I hope to be a voice of light for any women who have also experienced this.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pictures to come for the blogs below this weekend, so stay tuned. Too tired tonight...LOL

Divorce today

The divorce rate in this country is 50%. Which means statistically half of our friends will get divorced. I haven't faced this fact head on. I couldn't even imagine any of our friends getting divorced. But here it is, starting to happen. And it's heartbreaking to watch, on so many levels. To see a friend hurt like that is extremely hard because you feel there is nothing you can do. But I cling, cling, cling to Sean. The devil is hard at work out there, especially trying to break up Christian marriages, especially those of us bringing up more warriors for Christ. But we are facing him head on...and we shall win! My heart still aches for my brokenhearted friends who are having to endure pain they shouldn't have to endure. But I know God will lift them up and bring joy to them, even through these struggling times.

So huge your spouse today and cling to each other and God. Hold on tight, the devil is going to give us a run for our money! But through God's grace will will prevail and our children will continue the battle!

Boston and school

While we were gone all last week Boston's color conduct code was not good (swinging his lunch box in line and not keeping his hands to himself). He's never had a bad one but every single day last week it was bad. So we talked with him about it and figured it must have been because we were gone. We've never left the kids like that and he's never had a bad conduct code in preschool or kindergarten. Monday morning on the way to school I reminded him he better come home with green and not pink or I would take away his basketball. Sure enough, I pick him up and its pink again, this time for spitting on another child! What?!?! Who is this child and what have they done with mind????

I was so upset.

I asked him why he did that and he said he asked this boy in his class, named Asher, to be his friend and Asher said he didn't want to be friends with him so he spit on him. I quickly responded that no one would want to be friends with anyone that would spit on them. I also reassured him that it is upsetting when someone says they don't want to be friends with you, but that it happens to everyone and he should just look for another friend. He said he was trying to be friends with Asher because no one else wants to be friends with him. So I said that it might take some time but to just give him some space and that we can pray for him. He seemed very comforted by our conversation. He brought the basketball to me when we got home and I told him he could have it back when he gets back on green.

The next day he was on green and then he got on WHITE!! White is very good. I was so proud of him that I let him pick out a present from the treasure box. I had just put together a treasure box, but we haven't used it yet. This was the first time for them to even see it. It's full of dollar store items and things I've gotten on clearance that I wanted them to have but didn't want to just give it to them Of all the items in the box he picked out a hulk hogan pen that lights up, blows bubbles and has a stamp on top. LOL And he's cherished it!

Today was the first day of show and tell and he wanted to take his bible man mask and cap. He told me everyone liked it except for Asher. He said it was dumb and that he doesn't believe in God. Wow! First time experiencing this. So we talked about that and that we need to pray for Asher. He wanted to pray right then and there as I was driving the car home. So he did and it was a very sweet prayer, "Please God help Asher to be nice and be my friend." Makes me realize even more the importance of praying for his friends! Kindergarten and already experiencing these things. I pray for Grace and for God to protect my little guy and that I have prepared him enough for this crazy world!

Long Week

Well I haven't had much time this week to blog because I was trying to catch up on everything: time with the kids, household duties, paperwork, etc. And to top it off I had to get our taxes done. I have been so behind since having Asher. Ugh. So I finally finished 2007 taxes today! Ahhh, what a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I have so missed my blogging lately. It's oh so therapeutic for me.

Today I took Dallas and Asher to figure out what we are doing for Halloween costumes this year. Boston had decided he wanted to be Bible Man, but you can't buy that costume anywhere. So I figured I was going to have to make his. Dallas wanted to be Wall-E first, then the crocodile from Peter Pan (like Asher was last year he would tell me). I had no idea what to do for Asher. So I knew I was going to have to go to the fabric store to find what I needed for Bostons but I thought I might go by the kids consignment shop first to see if there's anything I would work with there. Ya!! So many outfits that could be our basis for Bible Man. And right in the window when we walked up was an awesome Buzz Lightyear costume, complete with wings and glasses. Dallas couldn't be more happy. I think I might just bring out Dallas' old Superman costume for Asher and they could all be some sort of super hero type figure.

Its been a long week of getting back into our routine, today feeling like one of the longest. Hopefully there will be much fun to be had this weekend!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my BIRTHDAY! Ya for me. Although the older I get, and more kids I have, birthdays don't seem like "my" day anymore. Today I turned 31 and I can hardly believe it. I sure don't "feel" like 31. We woke up and leasurly took our time this morning. We headed to Animal Kingdom after lunch and enjoyed a few hours there. Sean and I actually got to ride the rollercoaster Everest. There was no line so we could take turns and the boys LOVED watching us on it. Although they were very concerned that mommy was going to get sick and quickly greeted me right after I got off to check on me. How sweet. I reassured them that mommy was just fine, but even later that day Boston said to me, "Mommy, I think you were lieing to me and that you really were sick." I guess they think only boys are up to ride rollercoasters, they just don't know their mom well enough yet I guess. This girl LOVES rollercoasters.

Wes and Suzanne met us at the end of our day there, they close early. Then we headed to Perkins to grab a quick bite and then head to MGM Studios, but then we all realized we were too tired for another park. So, last minute, Sean's parents came over and watched the kids while we went to the movies to see the only movie that was playining in the 8:00 time slot, Dark Knight. And gosh was it DARK. Too dark for me, or I'm just getting too old. And I used to love horror films. I think since having kids I just can't take these movies anymore. Weird huh?

It was a fun, laid back birthday.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Back home

Our ship arrived back home today and had a nice breakfast with Jeff and Sherry and then all headed home. Sean and I went to pick Dallas up from school and he was SO excited. He actually ran into Daddy's arms so excited to see him (probably also because daddy never picks him up) Then we headed to my parents house to get Asher. He was so cute when he saw me, running to me with his arms out and the biggest smile on his face throwing the pacifier on his way. Oh to kiss on those chubby cheeks. I sure did miss my boys! Then it was off to pick up Boston from school. He was happy to see us but didn't express it quite as much as the other two.

It was so nice to be back home with our boys and our home....now back to normal life!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 4: Coco Cay, Bahamas

Today was a day on Coco Cay, Royal Caribbeans private island in the Bahamas. It was all 4 of our favorite place. It was just beautiful! The water was amazing and there were all kinds of sea animals to find and beautiful shells. The boys had fun making their own little adventure around the island looking for conch shells (and getting stung by jellyfish) Sherry and I hung out on the beach and ventured into the straw market for a little bit. We enjoyed a great BBQ on the beach and the boys played a little bit in the beach volleyball tournament taking 2nd place. (I'll have to post pics later, I didn't take my camera and I'll post them as soon as I get them from Sherry)

Here's a pic of our table the last night. We made some great friends that we hope to stay in touch with!

There was another show singing through the ages that was very good. Then Karaoke, and the late night adult scavenger hunt, The Quest. Not even sure how to describe that to you. We had our team and they would call something that you had to bring up with your team number and you had to get it from the room we were in. Some things they asked for: a piece of fruit, a guy with his shorts on backwards, two shoe laces out of the shoes, two belts, a business card, and many many more. We laughed so hard. Of course then it got a little far for us at times, so we just skipped those. It would be a great game to play somewhere if you kept it clean.

Sean and Jeff skipping along together
Our friends Kevin and Erin (from our table) in his pants!
Of course the night wouldn't be complete if Sean and I didn't order room service...boy am I going to miss that! What a GREAT day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 3: Nassau Bahamas

Today we docked at Nassau and we all decided we wanted to take the ferry over to Atlantis. Before we left we had a sit down breakfast in the main dining hall. We got sat with a couple from England and Sean and Jeff asked them every stereotypical question you could ask. They had us laughing (like always.)
We got off the ship and were bombarded with the natives trying to braid our hair or take us somewhere on a tour. They were EVERYWHERE! Jeff favorite response was, "How much to braid mine?"

The ferry was interesting to say the least. We laughed so hard as they packed us on like sardines. After making it over we got to Atlantis and realized we really couldn't see anything without paying an admission. We did get to see a little, like some of the aquarium.
AtlantisBoy do I look tired!Sean, Jeff and the cleaning guyThen we decided we have more fun on the ship and headed back for some lunch....it's all about food this week! LOL
After lunch we did the sudoku challenge and a trivia game. Sherry won the sudoku and I decided it might be better to start our on an easier one to get the hang of it! :-)

Dinner was good and we had a comedian magician show afterward. We've been going to Karaoke every night and laugh our heads off. Its amazing how people get up there to sing and make fools of themselves. We sure enjoyed it. LOL At one point this girl got up to sing and must have been completely tone deaf, but her family in the audience went crazy screaming for her. Jeff leaned over to sean and asked, "Is that good?" Sean was on the floor laughing!
Then was the Love and Marriage game show. Sherry and I so badly wanted to be in the show so we got there early and sat down front. Sean didn't think it was a good idea to be in it and he was right! Soooo glad we weren't picked. Oh the questions they asked. Wouldn't have wanted to answer those. But we sure enjoyed watching it!
Then we had a midnight buffet (that wasn't that great) and we headed to bed.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 2: At sea

Today we enjoyed all that this cruise has to offer!

We went rock climbing, I cruised up the wall and didn't chip a nail, Sean made it to the top in spite of his fear of heights (go babe!) and Jeff decided on his first rock climbing experience to climb the hardest path!
We had lunch at Johnny Rockets (old fashioned dinner) Jeff had the biggest burger any of us had EVER seen! We chowed down on onion rings, french fries, burgers and Chili dogs. Then we washed it down with a oreo ice cream sundae! And I ate it ALL!! We laughed as our waiters danced to "Stayin' Alive" with the music SO LOUD.

Sean doing his Hulk Hogan impression with the look alike Hulk standing behind him!After all the grease in our stomachs the boys entered the Basketball shoot out and Sean came in 4th and Jeff 1st. They were laughing so hard because with the boat moving it was a little more difficult, not to mention the WIND! All they kept asking Roger (the guy in charge of the athletic events) was "Where's the water Roger!?!?!"
(Sean Making his shot)
We played the Trivia Challenge (and were by far the youngest in the room...hahaha) And we got swamped by the old timers. Did you know the inventor of the bra was Auto Titslinger? Neither did we!

Then was the BIG event of the day: DODGE BALL-Crew against the shipmates.
(Sean throwing a good one at the crew!)Ah yes. The boys were so looking forward to it. The first rounds we got swamped. These crew members get a lot more practice at this then we do! They added that it was the highlight of their week, I bet! We laughed so hard watching them play. And after several rounds we finally BEAT the crew and the boys took home trophies! LOL
(Sean, Jeff and Roger)
Dinner was formal night tonight and we got all dressed upLook at that handsome man I'm married too!Dinner at table 452...the crazy, loud, laughing table!They came by and sang happy birthday to me (a few days early)

Sean and Jeff and their "serious, don't mess with me" faces.

After dinner we attended the show with singers and dancers and we were very impressed. They danced through the movies and they did a great job. Singing was really awesome. Late night snack was at pizza place. They had a Mexican pizza I thought I would try and the guys behind the counter said it was hot. I said I'd still like to try it and they smiled back at me and said they would get me a nice large glass of ice water. They weren't kidding! I bit down on it and was ON FIRE!!!! I've never encountered anything that hot ever! Of course Sean and I ordered room service again tonight and watched some movies. Last night we watched Vantage Point. Tonight we watched some of Ironman, staying up WAY too late. But hey...no kids...no responsibilities...sleep when you want!

Pizza with our pizza shaped table

Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 1 of the cruise

Let the crusing begin! We made it to the ship at noon after having dropped the boys off at school and Asher at my parents. We got checked in and headed to our little (and I mean little) room. I think it’s the smallest room of any of the rooms I’ve stayed in on the 5 cruises I’ve been on. But we aren’t meant to be in our room are we? So we headed to get some lunch and the food was great. Then we went exploring the ship when our friend Sherry and Jeff called. We met up with them and had a great time catching up, laughing and looking around. The drill was uneventful but Sean and I were happy to be lucky enough to have ours indoors. Jeff and Sherry teased us that we are “gold” members and that’s why we were inside. LOL

Dinner was fun. We all weren’t at the same table but they were nice enough to hook us up at a big table together with a bunch of other young couples. I’m so glad Jeff and Sherry are on the cruse. We have so much fun hanging out with them. More laughter than you can handle! Sherry and I joked that we might just have to separate the boys from each other. Our table had no idea what they were in for! LOL Before we ate Jeff asked if everyone minded if we prayed and the other husbands were so thankful for it.

After dinner we enjoyed the comedy show. Sean and I were impressed with the comedian. Especially for a cruise comedian and he was very clean! Refreshing.

We checked out the karaoke, learned some swing dancing and Sean and I danced a little, we enjoyed the moon and the reflection off of the ocean. Then by 11pm we were all tired and retired to bed.

It’s amazing to be on the cruise and have no responsibilities! No cooking, no cleaning, no taking care of kids, no laundry, taxi driving, and no getting up at the crack of dawn (even though I still woke up at 7am ready to go the next day!)