Friday, June 10, 2011

Hello Summer....welcome stomach bug

Yep. It was quite the way to begin our summer break. Asher had come down with a 24 hour bug on Saturday, then Sean on Monday. I thought we were in the clear when Wednesday morning, the last day of school, Dallas woke up throwing up. Poor thing had to miss water day at school. A few hours after Boston got home from school he started throwing up! I thought maybe Sydney and I had some great girl genes since we had avoided it....and then the worst happened....I came down with it Thursday morning. It's not good when mama gets sick....especially when she has 4 little kids to take care of.

A sweet angel....whose name may or may not be Carrie Barner....came to my rescue! She showed up at my doorstep with homemade chicken noddle soup from a place in College Park and coke and sprite. And the best part was she took Asher with her!

I put Sydney down for her daily 3 hour nap and Boston, Dallas and I sprawled out on the couches in hopes of recovering soon. The sleep sure helped and before the end of the day we were feeling much better.

And praise the Lord Sydney did not get it!

(The picture is of one of the many water slides at the boys school for water day....poor Dallas had to see all this fun he was missing out on. I assured him I would make it up with a trip to Chuck e Cheese in the near future.)

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