Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We have been at VBS all week long and the kids have had a blast! I'm a little tired because I am doing photography for them and had to have all the pictures done and back to them by tonight so I've been burning the midnight oil sorting and editing some of them. But they are done and now I can relax. Here's a few photos from my sweet kids having a fun time this week:

Dallas loves to sing his heart out!Asher finally was dancing and doing all the movements by the second dayI noticed the Boston wasn't sitting with his whole groups row but in a row by himself. When I asked him after the first day why he said, "Mom I needed more move to dance and do all the motions." By the second day he had recruited Grant back to his "dancing row"
Sydney loved her room and never once cried when I dropped her off. She is such a sweetie. And she had her first goldfish here at VBS and loved them so much she would steel from her neighbors

Dallas and his group at Rec Time

Boston in the sheet being pulled.
Asher at crafts with his fav volunteer

Dallas cool New York Attitude look

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Melissa said...

Thanks for all of your hard work with the pictures-there were some great ones!