Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sydney is drinking from a cup

Yep....this girl is so much more laid back than her big brothers. She's easy going and not in a hurry to do much of anything. She's 16 months old and still not walking. But finally, FINALLY she started drinking from a cup. She never had a bottle (like her brothers) and I stopped nursing her a month ago so it's been a battle to have her drink anything. But a few weeks ago she finally started drinking from a cup only if we held it for her and squeesed it out. But last week VBS was as big help. I think she saw all the other little kids holding there cups by themselves and she finally got the hang of it. The last few days shes so addicted to it and making up for all the loss of milk! I can't seem to get food down her now because all she wants to do is drink!

She's also eating on her own big people food. And she loves that! And so does mommy! But it sure is messier!

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