Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Snakes galore!

Last night Dillard woke me up to take her out and as I was walking threw the living room I noticed the cat was focused on getting something under the bean bag. I figured it was some kind of bug...here in Florida bugs are unfortunately a way of life. So I lifted up the bean bag and to my surprise in the faint light I saw a snake! At first I didn't believe my eyes because it was very hard to see but sure enough the snake that was curled up stretched out and tangled around the cat. The cat was having the time of his life! I yelled for Sean, not caring if I woke up kids, I needed this snake OUT of my house! Sean stumbled in half awake and wasn't sure what he was looking at. Thankfully he grabbed the thing before it slithered under the couch.


Today I took the boys over to my parents to swim and as I opened my car door there was a huge corn snake. At the time I didn't know what kind of snake it was. All I knew was that it was longer than me and fatter than my arm. The kids of course thought this was the best day ever....well everyone but Dallas who was crying at the snake to go back to it's home. Not knowing if I was poisonous or not I thought it was probably a good idea to try and kill the thing. So I grabbed a big brick and Boston threw it at it's head. That only made it mad and it coiled up ready to strike. We backed up and it slithered threw the fence into the backyard. Of course Boston insisted on following it. It ended up going into the bushes next to their office and into a hole. Thinking he was gone we went on the patio swimming. Not 3 minutes later the snake appears on the patio! It had come threw a pipe. Finally it left and we all stayed our distance.

Hopefully I won't be seeing anymore snakes for a while!

(write after I finished writing this blog I went in my bathroom to find this. What will it be tomorrow?)

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