Thursday, June 30, 2011

Learning to walk

Sydney and I have been working extra hard on trying to walk because I was really hoping she would be able to walk by this weekend for our family reunion and 4th of July party. She sure would be able to enjoy it a lot more standing than on her knees everywhere.

We took to the streets today.

The boys all learned to walk pushing this kind of toy (Boston and Dallas had a Mickey one and Asher got this Pooh train one that Sydney is using now...poor girl sure needs a Princess one but I'm sure there's more pink to come in her future.)

She fell several times onto her knees and skidded them for the first time. But not once did this girl cry. Just kept getting right back up and trying again. You can tell she's tough with that big brother influence! She had had enough of the pushing after a certain point and decided to climb on and ride

I love these chubby little baby fingers! And I especially love it when she quickly crawls over to me to hug on me and pat my back. She's oh so kissable!

Pretty little girl you will be walking so soon....and then running....and then dancing....and not climbing up in my lap with your itty bitty body. I promise to cherish these moments for they will soon be fleeting.....

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