Sunday, June 12, 2011

I love summer

I love summer. Not Florida's over the top heat, but the easy goingness of summer. We don't have to get up early head out the door for school. There's no packing lunches, deadlines, rushing, and homework! But my most favorite might be that there's no socks to wash, sort and put away!!! Bring on the crocs!

And even though the school year affords some sort of break from having 4 kids to watch after's so great to get to be with them all the time. To have the freedom to do and play what we want to. I love the just being able to curl up and read a book together anytime of the day. To eat lunch together. To jump in the car and go swimming at Nenas house. And of course to be able to watch my 3 boys cover themselves in dirt and mud. (Thank my lucky stars I have an outdoor shower!)

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