Monday, June 13, 2011

Cooling off

It's so darn hot (notice the sweat on Boston's face) that you just have to be in the pool if you want to play outside. And with 3 very active boys we have to be doing something active. So we have been heading to my parents house a lot lately in and effort to not only have some fun....but wear these kids out! ;-)

Asher is a little fish this year. Last year he wanted to badly to be able to do all the things his brothers could do and would do his best to do it but this year he has the power to dive all the way to the bottom of the deap end and keep up with them swimming all over the pool. I'm so proud of him.

Dallas loves to do cannon balls and "big arms". You won't find him in the pool without his googles on that are tinted so the sun isn't as bright. The kids have never had googles before but Dallas really likes them especially for the sunglass aspect with such sensitive eyes. And today Sydney played in the car for the first time! She absolutely loved it. Asher wasn't very keen on sharing his favorite car but I reminded him that he had a brand new one and he speed away satisfied with that answer.

But seriously...isn't she just the cutest!!

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