Monday, June 20, 2011

Wall Art

I hung these old clipboards on Friday as a way to display the kids art. They love to bring me pictures more recently and my fridge is only so big (and since I'm a visual person when I look at things I like to have them be clean and this was a much more visually organized way to display them for me.) I got the idea from this boys bedroom. I snagged a few old clipboards my parents house they no longer use. I already had the pictures of the kids hanging so it just made sense to put one clipboard under each person's picture. Of course then I wanted them labeled so very quickly I printed out some letters, cut out black circles and glued them to the clipboards. What's funny about the picture below is that I have kids sissors. All of my adult ones are missing...of course. By the way this was Sydney's first piece of art work. She is always picking up crayons and markers but I had not yet taken the time to sit down with her and let her color. I honestly didn't think she was ready, but my baby girl is growing up fast. Of course mama picked out PINK!

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