Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Custom Bleached T-shirts

I'm trying to find new and fun things to do each day since the newness of summer vacation has worn off and I feel like a referee in a WWF match everyday. I recently found my way to an awesome blog called Under the Sycamore and I have completely fallen in love with her DIY kids ideas....among many other things...especially the fact that her kids are about the same age as mine and she had three boys and then a little girl.

Yesterday we made these bleached shirts and had a blast doing it! I had never used Freezer paper before but now my mind is racing with all the fun things I can do with it! I can't wait for Sydney to get older because the boys attention span isn't always as long with crafts, but they sure loved spraying bleach on their blue shirts!

This picture is a miracle in itself....or my kids are just getting older. They promised me one good picture all together before stripping and getting into the pool. And Boston and Dallas were gracious enough to hold Sydney's hands so she could stand since she still isn't doing that on her own. Don't they all look like such angels in this picture....

Boston, now 8 years old and getting ready to enter 3rd grade!!

Dallas, 6 years old going into 1st grade

Asher, 4 years old entering into preschool

And my sweet little Miss Sydney, 16 months....staying close to Mama for several more years!