Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning

The Easter bunny came last night while the kids were sleeping and hid their Easter baskets. He left them a series of notes helping them find each of theirs. Oh boy were they excited!

And then they finally found them on the patio full of lots of great goodies!
Checking out the loot
Asher getting excited for the first year
Then they went on an egg hunt for all the eggs the Easter bunny hid. Dallas didn't last very long, while Boston was on a race to see how many he could find.
Boston's Basket: Ben Hur the movie, train writing pad, chocolate bunny and other candy, croc-a-doodle (coloring kit for croc shoes), play mobile ninjas, Color Explosion Star Wars, Velvet coloring kit, Egg with die cast car Dallas Basket: 321 Penguins movie, chocolate bunny and other candy, Color Explosion Cars, croc-a-doodle, Play Moblie vikings, puzzle, egg with new die cast car, Lightning McQueen writing pad Asher Basket: chocolate bunny and candy, Elmo book, Cars ball, sidewalk chalk, magnetic coloring pad, train writing pad, puppet, egg with die cast car

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