Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs

Today we colored eggs. Happy happy joy joy! Of course I think things probably would have run pretty smoothly if it wasn't for Asher spilling the cups of vinegar and egg coloring all over the table several times. Oh well...we still managed to have a good time. Of course the boys just LOVE dying the eggs....and their hands. They can get a little impatient and just stick their hands right in instead of using the little tool to get the eggs out. Nothing like dying your hands the day before Easter!
Asher's 1st time dying eggs Dallas concentrating on his favorite color, blue

Boston making sure it's just the way he wants it
Dallas and his favorite green egg...and might I add....fingers! Boston with all his eggsDallas and his eggsAsher and his eggs, very upset that there's no more to dye

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