Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Due date!

Today is my offficial due date as with 40 minutes left in the day I think it's official to say she isn't coming today. If you had asked me a few weeks ago when I thought she would come I would have told you any day and not a minute later. Never did I think I would make it to my due date by the way I was feeling.

Now that I'm here and it's almost past I feel like she's never going to come, or at least on her own. I'm still trusting God even though my true hearts desire is for her to come on her own. It will be prefect no matter what. I'm just so ready to meet her.

The nursery was finally completed today when my parents came to hang the curtain my mom made. It's just beautiful, magical, girly, frilly and perfect in everyway. I'll try ad post pictures tomorrow. Right now it's just too late.

Go to and enter our baby poll on when she will come. The game is under WhitmanBabyGirl.

- Cricket

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