Sunday, February 7, 2010

Visiting with Jess

Well still no Sydney. Gosh it's frustrating to wake up each morning and still be pregnant. When is this little girl going to finally make her grand entrance.

We headed to church and then home because Jessica had driven up from Miami yesterday with the kids. So excited to see her! Of course we were both hoping I would go into labor while she was here so she didn't have to drive all the way back. She planning on being my doula again like last time. It's just a scheduling nightmare since we don't know when it will happen and she lives in Miami with 4 kids.

But we had a great time just getting to hang out with each other and of course the kids just love anytime they get to get together too. Sean watched all of them while Jess and I went walking to try and get things going. It was also good to have some time to talk without 7 kids running around.

Tonight my girlfriend Val brought us dinner. She had scheduled to bring us dinner tonight thinking we would already of had the baby. But honestly it was oh so nice to have a meal before she comes. I'm so tired as it is right now and by dinner I'm so uncomfortable that I don't want to make anything. It was such a blessing!

- Cricket

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