Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Last doctors appointment

I met with the midwife this morning and I'm now 3cm, 60% effaced and she's at -1 station. She stripped my membranes, which they also did last week. Her suggestion was that I get induced on Thursday. She said for sure they won't let me go any longer. I'm glad that she said that. I really was stressed about having to decide on a date for indication or even getting induced in the first place. But she was very encouraging. I'm just so frustrated that I'm always having to get induced and not actually get to go on my own. But her encouragement and saying that I could just start out with a little pit to get things going and then let me body go on it's own. And she was still positive about me doing it without the epidural. (last time I went a long gruelling 13 hours on pitocin without an epidural before finally giving in). I won't do that this time! But she was very confident that she thinks this baby will come much faster than Asher did.

So I feel uplifted and condident that this decision is the right one. And who knows, maybe she'll still come on her own.

It was a rainy day today and since my mom had the kids I decided I better go walk. So I went go the vitamin shop for more Evening Primrose Oil since I was out and headed to the Winder Garden Village to walk. At the time it wasn't raining but by the time I got there it had started. So I got a milkshake and reassed what to do. Then my brother called and wanted to have lunch and I met him downtown Winter Garden at The Moon Cricket Grill. It was a really nice time together!

Then I headed back out in the rain to the Millenia Mall to walk got an hour. Then back home I went and back to reality with the boys.

- Cricket

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