Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dallas Class Halloween Party

Today Dallas had a Kindergarten Halloween party at school. He was so excited about it he could hardly wait all week long.Playing a game of keep the balloon in the air Making his spider

Dallas new pet spider

A game of shoot out the candle in the pumpkin. All 9 kids on Dallas team went first but non of them could shoot out the candle....until shooter Dallas. He was so proud to be the first.

I did it mom!!

I REALLY did it!Lets see if I can do it with this gun this timeA little closer.....

Time for apple bobbing....or tonging (they used tongs to pull an apple out) And there's Dallas apple

Yummy apple smileSmoke bubbles with friends
Sack race. Dallas hopping along really well.Passing out is popcorn monster hands to all his friends

And more balloon fun Ms Dubeau, the Kindergarten assistant teacher. Dallas is so blessed to have two amazing teachers. Which pumpkin do you think is Dallas........that would be the BLUE one. Not only is it different, carving its own unique path, but it's also Dallas' favorite color. He ONLY likes to color with blue. Just one of those odd, cute things that makes him the Dallas that I so love.

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