Saturday, October 30, 2010

Winter Garden Halloween Festival

Tonight we headed to downtown Winter Garden to check out their fun Halloween festivities. Boy was it packed! It was like a swarm of people. But the boys really enjoyed looking at all the different costumes. And we even ran into Uncle Wes and Aunt Suzanne with Stuart and his fiance. We didn't last long because we were afraid we might just lose one of our four little ones in the madness so we headed out and drove by the old plantation style home in Oakland that always gets all decked out for Halloween. Boy was that a hit with the kids. We got out (along with many other cars) and walked around.

Didn't get a lot of pics but here is little Sydney dressed pumpkinish.
We ran into the Heltons and grabbed a quick shot of our boys with their pirate boys. And just to be real and honest here is a fun picture! Sydney is crying because she's tired and ready to go home and Asher is being a little stinky 3 year old with his tongue out. I really second guess whether I should have fixed his tongue tie. They were in cute matching shirts but Asher refused to take a well as get even 5 feet of wearing a costume of any kind.

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